Market 371: project Spider 10103 10284

Update 1/28/12:  13 bids resulting in a sale price of $4550 is about right for an incomplete, rusty Spider.  I wonder how many people are hoarding these kinds of cars, waiting for the day when they are all expensive -if it ever comes?

1?18/12: Giulietta Spider 10103 1495*10284. This car is listed on eBay right now out of Georgia. It’s a brutally rough project, but doable and it’s a place to start if your pocket book is thin and you want to be figuring out the details of Giulietta Spider restoration.  Car is not provided with a title, and many places will balk at the lack of a title, make sure you can title this, before you buy.

Hello precious.  Nose shows average abuse and slightly above average rust.  Where do you start?  Where does it end.  It’s an irrational thing to begin with, so it doesn’t really matter.  You’ll go through some motions, fix some stuff, maybe even drive it -but the irrational part of it will have you looking for another.

Okay, so the body is straight, the parts that usually have a bunch of gaping rust don’t have a bunch of gaping rust and the door hangs pretty well.  The poise of the suspension is even tolerable.  Could be worse.  I’ve seen door that didn’t fit this well on restored cars. 

It’s unusual to see the frame rail from the inside of the trunk without seeing a big scab of rust on the outside.  Someone needs a talking to about overspray.

Door needs a little, um, replacement?  Nice red e-brake handle!

Not the worst I’ve seen -actually not too bad, but I bet once you have the seats out, and get to it with a wire wheel or whatever, there will be holes and thus the slippery slope is taken to.

Steering wheel doesn’t horrify me.  I’ve been thinking I should get an original style steering wheel before they become unattainable.  I’m guessing it was originally white.  Seats will require welding etc to support even modest weight.

Sigh.  This is some screwed up action in here.  Red radiator?  Wiring that belongs in a house running all over the place?  Alas…


I am going to assume this is a Fiber-fab or some other hard top.

If you can’t be with the $70,000 Spider you love, love the $6,000 Spider you’re with.


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