Interesting parts: set of 5 early production Fergat wheels 1365.52.810

Giulietta part number 1365.52.810 -Disc wheel – Fergat 4 1/4 J x 15 CZ.  This full set of early ‘rolled lip’ Fergats is on eBay right now.  Asking price is $1500, steep seeming, but when rarity and condition are weighed, probably a pretty good deal -especially if you need a set for your 1956 Sprint!  The parts book makes no mention of an early/late style for these, so a cut off point for production is tough to pin down.  Anyone have a car with these and care to share a vin?  Parts book says each car uses a quantity 2 -humorous typo.

Imagine these on your car!  Fresh wheels do a lot for the impression a car makes on you.  BMW Polaris silver?

Luscious finish.  These rims were probably more expensive to make than the later ones without the rolled lip.  I think I would have put the hub cap clips on after the finish was applied. 

The famous ‘rolled lip’. 

All lined up and ready to go.  Looks like some had more corrosion than others.

If you look carefully between the ‘ovals’ you can see that there are studs sticking out.  These are for balancing weights.  Think about it… the edge clip types wouldn’t work.  Later Fergats kept the studs for a while, then they were removed -two more flavors of rim to contemplate I suppose.

I have to wonder if a judge at a concours would deduct points for powdercoat when paint was original?  I’m just saying…


8 thoughts on “Interesting parts: set of 5 early production Fergat wheels 1365.52.810

  1. Hello Matt,
    my Sprint has these “rolled lip” rims… VIN is 01066, date of production is approximately 09/1955.
    The spare wheel is missing, unfortunately…

    Luca (from Italy)

    • Interesting. I know production dates were not serial to vin numbers, and I imagine, similar to the whole Borrani specificity conjecture -they put on whatever was on hand for the car in front of them, even back then.

      Thanks for sharing,


  2. Sprint 1149 (which I think you featured when it was for sale a year or two ago) wore what were supposed to be its original rolled rim wheels (though Tony Ranson dressed it in his set of Borrani wires). On the other hand, to complicate matters, my ’55 Sprint #555 came to me with a set of non-rolled rim Fergat wheels which are date-stamped 1955…

  3. hello Matt,

    mine is coming from the USA soon and has number 01378 and has also rolled lips and column shift.


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