Strange Giulia Super ‘Torpedo’ for sale

I got a bunch of links from Maurizo that included one to this car for sale.  As you can see, it’s an open top/no doors stretched Giulia Super sedan in a style that most people in know would call ‘like a Fiat Jolly’, but sans wicker.  On Capri, in 2003, I saw a mid-60’s Fiat 1500 station wagon done up this way.  This sort of car was commissioned to give slow, fair weather (obviously) guided tours and serve as a hyper local taxi or errand running vehicle in resort areas.  I could easily imagine this being some manufacturing executives facilities touring car -in Arese perhaps…  oh, and it’s €75,000!

If you put your hand on the screen to obscure everything from the windshield back, it just looks like a very nice Super.  I like how the arm rests also keep the passing-out drunk from slipping out of the car.  

Car is longer than usual and looks it with so much missing up top.  If they stiffened the chassis on the underside I bet this thing handles pretty good, having a very low center of gravity.  Imagine rolling about 15 k/hr from the bottom of the hill to the top in Positano in this thing, checking out the sights.

The usual odd translation “No environmental sticker, Torpedo The body set up by the ‘platform Colli’sul stretched Alfa Romeo Giulia Super 1965, was designed for use on special occasions representative visits the establishment of the centenarian. Produced in only 2 specimens of which one in possession of the museum, you can in effect define a unique piece!”  So that explains it -it’s a few years old and served as a sort of Pope-mobile.

Neat how they capped the sills to protect them from shoe soles and added a grab bar to help you in and out.  Upholstery looks nice.

Standard Super up here.

Coachwork back here is tidy.  I like the golf-cart style parasol roof.  Some rich Rodney Dangerfieldesque golfer needs to roll this on the course at Pebble.

Parasol follows the general shape of a Promiscua.  I wonder who built this?

Looks original and needs some detailing.  Makes me want another Super…


9 thoughts on “Strange Giulia Super ‘Torpedo’ for sale

  1. This car was built by Colli who also built a station wagon version of the Giulia. The vehicle being a factory commissioned car and its rarity would set the bar at approx $80k – $90k (to the right buyer).

    • You’re sure it was built bu Colli? The description I posted is a google translate attempt at the Italian description on autoscout, which seems to indicate Colli: “Nessun bollino ambientale, La carrozzeria Torpedo allestita dalla ´Colli´sul pianale allungato dell´Alfa Romeo Giulia Super del 1965 fu concepita per l´impiego di rappresentanza in occasioni speciali di visite allo stabilimento del Biscione. Prodotta in solo 2 esemplari di cui uno in possesso del museo, si puo a tutti gli effetti definire un pezzo unico!, Riemenantrieb
      Motore e consumi
      Tipo di cambio: Manuale
      Cilindrata: 1600 cm³
      Alimentazione: Benzina
      Posti a sedere: 4

      AutoScout24 non si assume alcuna responsabilità per la correttezza dei dati.
      Contro le truffe”


      • Matt,
        My Italian is not great but I think it says:
        Torpedo bodywork by Colli on a stretched Giulia Super platform. Made for showing people around on special visits to the ‘House of the Snake’ (Alfa). Only two made, the other is in the museum so you could say it is a unique piece.

      • Yes, I think it was built by Colli (“allestita dalla Colli sul pianale allugato dell’Alfa Romeo” basically means “built by Colli on a lengthened version of the Alfa Romeo Giulia Super…”)

        It sounds like it was actually used to ferry bigwigs around the Alfa factory at Arese. The only other one in existence is in “the museum,” presumably the Alfa one. The text here was taken directly from some book. If you copy a section of it and do a Google search you’ll see dozens of sites with the exact same text.

        As for the car, “Smiles everyone, smiles.” Oddly (or not?) it looks better with the tin top on than with it off.

  2. I would translate “La carrozzeria Torpedo allestita dalla ´Colli´sul pianale allungato dell´Alfa Romeo Giulia Super del 1965”


    ‘The Torpedo body was built by ‘Colli’ on the elongated body of a 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Super…’

    or something like that.

  3. Hello, this car is pictured in the book di Salvetti Curiosalfa.

    It was used, I think, for the visit of President Sarragat of the Arese Factory.

    Aurelian’s translation is correct. A Torpedo – don’t know if its the same in US – is an open body for a car.

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