The sincerest form of flattery

I wasn’t expecting this when Alex in Virginia sent me a link.  I look at kit cars occasionally on eBay to check out the latest in Porsche Laser 917’s and the like, but not often enough to catch all the weirdness that passes through -including this: an Alfa Giulietta Spider treatment kit on a Miata!  I’ve seen lots of Porsche 356 kits, Austin Healey 3000 kits and others, but never Giulietta kit -not that this looks a whole lot like a Giulietta, but you get my meaning.

The quality of the finish isn’t too bad for this sort of thing, and being a Miata, it probably performs admirably.  Knock-offs look like something from the SpyHunter video game.  Center grill looks like a genuine Alfa part.

The changes up here seem to be based on changing the hood and front bumper -big plastic modern bumper -not the little chrome bits.  Are the horizontal grills 750B items?  Turn signals look like SS tail lights.  Where are the bumperettes from? 

Wheels are Panasports I think.  Not sure where the tail lights came from.  Bumper looks like a Sprint item put on upside down.  Could be any one of a number of old cars.

I don’t know Miata’s well enough to know what part of the shut lines are original.  Back-up lights look familiar.

Looks to be a genuine Nardi Wheel.

What is this worth as a Miata without modification?


12 thoughts on “The sincerest form of flattery

  1. I’m damn near speechless on all fronts. You gotta be serious. Holy p.o.s. What a fine way to destroy a perfectly good Miata.

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