Market 373: Spider 10123 -super clean

Update 1/23/12: Alex contacted the seller and the stats are: Giulia Spider 1600 AR10123*378512, 00112*33388.  Thanks Alex!

Giulia Spider 1600 10123This car is available on Hemmings out of South Carolina for $39,500.  Seller is listing it for a late friend – I presume for the estate.  Condition looks really good, with some non-original touches that don’t really detract unless you’re a serious purist.

I like how clean the lines are in white -and when the rest is all blacks and silvers, it lends an almost clinical beauty.  Hood and door fit well.  Chromed wheels may have been a dealer add-on.

This side is equally attractive.  It’s hard to get a car to this level of finish.  Ask just about anyone who has gone through a restoration where they had a hand in the final assembly.

Nice to see original American market all red tail light lenses.  New trunk seal rubber is probably pushing up on the lid a but. 

1964 Alfa Romeo Spider Giulia spider 1600, I am selling this 1964 Giulia Spider 1600 on behalf of my late friend.
He bought the car an had it restored about 10 years ago.
It has been kept in his air conditioned garage and is in very good original condition, no rust, no dents no scratches.
Mechanically it is in equally good shape and runs flawlessly, ready to be used as a driver or to win local awards.

The car can been seen any time upon short notice.

Hard top and cover included.”

I think gas fill caps were originally not chrome, but with chrome wheels…  Is that two paint code stickers?  There is an odd little bracket riveted to the vertical separation panel.

More nearly monochrome.  While restored it looks inviting rather than intimidating. 

Does anyone know if these gauge inserts are available in reproduction?  Motorola radio?

Impressive that they left the lubricant etc sticker on the underside of the hood alone.  It’s not as hard as it seems to tuck the edges of the underhood ‘quilt’ under the edges of the hood frame.  I think it was originally this way.  Radiator overflow tubing and VDO wash bag are welcome breaks from the sterility.

A question for those with Webers like this: Is the improvement worth the loss of the original air box assembly?  Very nicely detailed engine compartment.

I see a Koni.  Interesting choice to let the chassis stiffener below the engine/transmission joint be the dividing line between white frame rails and black under coating.

I’m reluctant to call this an original hardtop, but I suspect it is.

Don’t want to mess around with your Spider, just want to keep up with the wash/wax schedule and try not to lose your keys?  This may be the car for you.  I imagine an auction setting would see a result higher than this asking price.  Treat yourself -go on…


14 thoughts on “Market 373: Spider 10123 -super clean

  1. There are one or two things that annoy me regarding this “restoration” … little things .. no separate crown over the Pininfarina badge, black licorice on edges of front trim, red prop-rod for hood, Weber with chicken-wire instead of correct SOLEX with air filter, chromed plates on firewall grommets, Giulietta label on brake fluid canister, wrong lubricants sticker on hood, no heat shield around MC, two wrong brand paint labels in trunk, no jack points under sills, “extra” drape on left side of trunk, etc…
    One or two things …

  2. At 40K Matt , it is a steal. I sure wish mine looked as good as this one does, but then I would never drive it, except to shows and club events ! At least I don’t worry about parking it in the upper Lucky lot, although I always do disconnect the battery cable !

  3. less than 4 years ago when i restored my white giulia spider i wanted to keep it as original as possible so i decided to keep the original solex in place, the performance was underwhelming. I then decided to go with a single weber and man was the improvement dramatic, lots of power. I started racing with this configuration and completed a best 2.14 round sears point (and I am a novice driver)
    I later converted the car to twin webers to not such a dramatic improvement, therefore if i were to do it all again I would stick with a single weber

    • New Solex versus new Weber or used Solex set up for a stock 1600 bolted on to a hopped up 1600 and the replaced by a new Weber?


  4. I would’ve simply installed twin-Webers while upgrading from Solex; I don’t think that the single down-draft Weber is that big of a difference over the Solex, based on a friend’s experience.

    At 40K, it’s about right, I suppose, as these are fetching upwards of $60K at auctions. And I agree, the wrong stickers can be easily corrected, so shouldn’t impact the selling price much.

    • Patrick,

      Solex to a single DCD Weber is 4 bolts and a linkage adjustment. To dual Webers is a big undertaking, from headers, to motor mounts to linkages to manifold and beyond, not to mention it doesn’t just ‘fit’ when it’s supposed to and you STILL have the DCOE condition and jetting to contend with.

      In other words ‘simply’ is not a good word to use…


      • Tom Sahines drove me round sears point in my car with the single DCD set up, very fast, he actually scared the s**t out of me. He advised me to stick with the single weber because the power gain was relatively small for the trouble, and that it was more about the driver… I ignored him though, it’s sitting in my garage not doing too much if you want to give it a try!

  5. GTD is just being nit picky.. Pound for pound this is a car that deserves to be in the $35-$40,000 range when auctions are pulling over $60,000 for drivers and $19,000 for hulks of crap. Jack points? big deal, no one uses them and not having them tells me they wer looked after structurally. If the chrome is as good as it looks and not short-cutted this is a bargain with a PF hardtop thrown in.

  6. Hi everybody
    I’m the lucky new owner of this car….
    As I’m not very familiar with English, could you please tell me what are “jack points under sills”?
    Whay do you mean?

    Thanks a lot
    and congratulations for the blog

    • Hi,

      Originally these cars had slots in the rockers that the arm on the jack would go into when you jack it up. On this car they have been filled or omitted. Not a big deal in the grand scheme, but if you drive it a lot and suffer a blow out, that original Battani jack you paid $522 for behind your seats isn’t going to help you. Look at pictures of Spiders here and you’ll see what I mean:

      Very nice car done to a high standard. Congrats.


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