Glas 1700 GT: Charge!

The day is getting close when I will have the Glas 1700 GT in a position where I can work on it, the whole thing -probably early next week.  The plan was to have the parts I dragged home and those taken from the parts car ready to bolt on when it turned up.  The plan is coming along -but I’m behind schedule -in part due to my getting sidetracked doing more than necessary to fix things up as evidenced by the generator below, and in part due to how long it takes to get parts from Germany.  I did get the charging system together though!

This is a Bosch 6 volt generator.  I had 3 to choose from to clean up and this one was the cleanest, had best bearings and the best brushes.  I suppose I’ll restore the other 2 at some point and have them ready for service -it may be a Bosch, but it is a generator after all, and in my experience they are tempermental.

The band on the left holds the adjustment mounting screw, on the right is the brush inspection cover.  These are the largest pieces I’ve plated.  Didn’t come out half bad.

Here’s the regulator.  I think these are available and cheap for VW bugs, but this is the one I have, so I cleaned and plated it.  Looks alright.

I didn’t touch the insides of the regulator.  Amazing how clean it is considering the car it came from and it being 45 years old at least. 

You can see the Regulator in the upper left corner from before I removed it from the car.

A restored vintage ‘Norma’ hose clamp.  I don’t know what else used these clamps, but they are pretty neat and I’d like to have a full set for the car.  I know -what am I doing restoring hose clamps?  I don’t have a good answer…

My ‘done’ box.  All the sheet metal of the timing belt cover has been painted -along with some other misc brackets.  The zip lock bag is full of plated and ready to go bits.

I’ve learned a lot from this project, and am learning more every day.  Up next is my attempt to restore horrible looking parts such as rear view mirror, Bosch distributor and water pump.  Exciting!


7 thoughts on “Glas 1700 GT: Charge!

  1. The Glas ran on 6 volts? Dismal. I went thru that on a 356 Porsche: When the tail lights worked, one front side light didn’t, and when you polished the connections so that one worked, some other light was out. I grew to hate it. When new, worked OK, but after they age, 6 volts doesn’t work well any more, you’re constantly fussing with cleaning connections. I’d consider converting to 12 volts.

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