Market 370: ‘Completely concours’ Sprint 158658

Giulietta Sprint 10102 158658This car is available now from Hexagon out of London England for 49,950 Pounds, about $76,700 at the time of writing.  It is described as completely concours, having received an ‘astonishing’ nut and bolt restoration.  It looks very very good in the pictures but as with most cars being held to this kind of standard, it has some loose ends.

Paint looks phenomenal, as does the trim.  No rocker trim?  Front wheel is a Borrani, the rest are Fergat’s.  Hood and door fit is amazing.  Tires are a little ‘modern’ for a Giulietta -but that’s a matter of taste.

Good from this side too.  It makes me want to paint mine.

Trunk should be painted textured black.  I think they should swap that lone Boranni for this Fergat.  No jack, hold down handle or tool straps.

Valve cover looks perfect on plain aluminum.  I need one of these accordion upper radiator hose.

Filer/regulator is not original, but helps if you use an electric fuel pump.  This all looks pretty solid.

Very nicely done.  Check out the reflection of the door latch in the paint in the door jamb.  Seats need some butt time. 

I think there might be too much that’s not quite right to call it ‘completely concours’, but it’s one of the best I’ve seen.


3 thoughts on “Market 370: ‘Completely concours’ Sprint 158658

    • heh. I have a piece of plastic from a modern car sill I use as my trunk lid prop -doubles as a fuel gauge occasionally. I’m gathering parts to get it to ‘complete, original and fully functional’ but it’s slow going. A trunk prop and spring are on my list.

      Good morning,


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