Box with very cool contents arrives at HQ

Update 1/16/12: You can contact Rene at rkemmer @ if you are interested in a set.

1/13/12: I keep this site up for free for the most part.  Some days I spend 20 minutes, some 2 hours, but I just do what they day dictates, because I enjoy it and have this vision of what this site would be if I kept it up for 20 years.  Every once in a while I get a gift because of the site.  Laurence gave me a VERY nice steering wheel for my Sprint -transforming how the feel of the car was transmitted through my hands, Bob gave me some very nice used all red tail light lenses, Joe a set of headlight rings and an air box and there are others.  Today, all unexpected, Rene sent me this:

It’s actually kind of funny, I thought the orange post office ‘come get your package’ notice was for a box (or two) of Glas GT parts I was expecting from Germany, or my rebuilt Solex from George, or even possibly more baby stuff.  I was not expecting this.

Maybe six months ago Rene sent me an email saying he appreciated what I did and as a thank you would help me out with some Marchal fog or spot lights since he reproduced them.  This is what I saw when I opened the box.  Holy Sh*t is what I thought.

Check it out, those white things at either end of the box are lamp covers.  I wonder what the lamps look like?

Fitting that I share my house with this critter.  Didn’t know Domino had been doing logo modelling in France on the side.

Fantastic is right!  The boxes that house these lights are amazing.  A perfect replica of what you bought in the sepia-tone world of 50 years ago.

Check out the print quality and paper stock that these are printed on.  The two little boxes are bulbs, one white and one yellow.  Lower right hand corner is the bulb holder.

I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting the quality and attention to detail that is exhibited by these lamps!  Marchal 660’s are serious items, normally reserved for stuff like Ferrari’s and Maserati’s -or a car like mine at the end of a worm-hole that started with the intention to do a restoration. 

That is verrr cool.  This thing is heavy, like it was meant for the space shuttle.  The glass is pure art and the chrome backing is like a mirror.

Cool picture this.  I’m wearing one of the new T-shirts.  My pregnant wife is reclining behind me and the crazy ceiling in the living room of my new house is in evidence.  What’s the Bob Dylan album cover this looks like?  Bring it all back home?  Chrome is seriously like a mirror.

I’m not sure how to mount them since my front bumper has perfect chrome and no holes or dents, but I will figure our a way -maybe a small crash bar/cradle sort of set up.

Rene’s company Eurignals reproduces Marchal spot and fog lights.  I’m not sure how much they cost, or which models he reproduces, but I can put you in contact with him if you are interested in a pair.

THANK YOU Rene!!!  I’m speechless.

These are not 660’s but you get the idea.  I would put mine a little closer together in the middle.  I guess I could mount my front license plate at the same time.


19 thoughts on “Box with very cool contents arrives at HQ

  1. I Think that this is some proof that karma always goes around, and that everything continues: conservation of mass and energy!! You also got a wonderful photo in the dome back!
    Check out how things are mounted around my bumper…without holes…
    Nice T-shirt!


  2. Bring the sprint by the shop when it’s time to mount them. I can help you fab a bracket. Also have some relays from Aaron’s “leaving for texas” garage sale that you can have access to.
    Thanks for the blog. It’s a good thing to do.

      • Front license plate? What’s that?

        Thanks for the t-shirt – arrived today just in the nick as the old brown one is being held together by Alfa pixie dust.

      • As you should well know, we have roughly 4% less freedom in California than Texas, and a front license plate, or lack there of, has turned into a revenue generating opportunity for cities. In order to avoid this anti-revenue to my meager living, I put my front plate on my dash when I park. I probably had 3 or 4 missing front plate tickets over the years while parked in SF, and once in San Leandro was pulled over for not having one. I guess you could say I’m sensitive to this subject.

        Glad you like the shirt.

  3. Well done Mat! Great Gift Rene. Top bloke I am guessing.
    Hey Mat just a query on the t-shirts and the status of the orders. Did you receive mine?
    Best Regards
    Phil Nash

    • Phil,

      The T-shirts went out early this week. You do have one on its way but probably wont see it for another week down there.


  4. Matt,
    Always enjoy the site and now, the blue, T-shirt. However, I will need a larger driving light to reflect my image.

    • Zen,

      Glad to hear your t-shirt turned up. I was worried about the bubble pack. You need a Cibie Super Oscar -they are nearly spherical and reflect everything at once.

      You get that fuel door cover mounted?


  5. What a wonderful gift! In my Giulietta epoch, these particular fog and driving lights were relatively common especially in France where automotive illumination was taken seriously. For example, it was a traffic offense to “dazzle” an oncoming driver. Their famous yellow headlights made sense given conditions in their agricultural regions (in those days most of the country). Now I hope René will consider replicating the seven-inch Marchal Amplilux for Giulietta owners. When I could afford a pair, I installed Ampliluxes in any car I owned that used two round headlights. Their plano lenses were lead crystal. They cast a distinct cut-off that reduced reflection back to the driver’s eyes. Their pure white light projected up to 6,000 feet when they were properly adjusted. Nonetheless, oncoming drivers rarely signaled when I accidentally drove towards them with my high beams on. Man, I wish headlights like that were still made; actually, maybe they still are.

    • Thanks for the insight Evan. I had a GTV I put Marchal Ampliluxes on. I regret not swapping them out before I sold it. Now all my old cars end up with Cibie or Hella H4’s.


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