Pushing product 6 -new highs and lows

It’s been a while.  PP5 was posted on 10/31/09!  I’ve been saving pictures -mostly forwarded by readers, and just came a across a bunch, so why not.  The usual disclaimers apply -not my stuff, not my girl, just captured moments of young women’s lives.  I apologize if this sullies your view of the operation here, but I do need a break from pictures of just cars once in a while.

This is actually how the dream where you buy an 80’s Spider Graduate with too modern wheels plays out.  The lighting is dim even though it’s day time, a hot CG chick with two necklaces on is holding her skirt and if you removed her glasses she wouldn’t have any eyes.  Nicely taken.

I don’t do enough video.  It’s harder to come up with a one-liner.  Anyone?

Is that a smile, a smirk or a question?  Thing is -the photographer accidentally caught not only her profile in the rear view, but a guy taking a crap in a small red bucket.

I can’t tell if she’s dumbfounded by the cartoonish aspect of the vehicle or sad that her boyfriend, despite caring more about it than her, spending more on it than her and having a tattoo of it rather than her, is selling it.

Sexy little number in a sexy little number leaning on a sexy mid-sized number and wholesome despite.

Wasn’t there a planet in the first series of Star Trek where a collected volume of Hot Rod magazines was the bible the society was based on?  Nice curls and pout.

If you don’t buy this truck I’m going to stab your hand with a fork.  Is that a belt or a new sort of brazier?

Dare I say it?  I apologize but the most polite thing that came to mind is ‘getting around never felt so good’.

Aaron sent me this one -can’t remember his rejoinder, but they’re usually a little wittier than mine, so I’ll let him comment it in below.

There you have it.  Attempts to sell vehicles which include females as attention getting accessories that achieved the attention getting part of their aim.  Back to the regularly scheduled program.







4 thoughts on “Pushing product 6 -new highs and lows

  1. That’s it; I’m changing my allegiance to Packard. The curls were the hook.
    Now, if only Alfa had used Catholic schools girls in their advertising arsenal……

  2. Re: the VW girl, I believe my comment was “Zero to sixty? Yes!” But that’s not all that funny, I think you can improve on it.

    Thanks for reviving the PP series – it was worth the wait!

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