Market 357: Sprint Veloce Confortevole 06469

Update 1/15/12: This car has been loosely assembled, had new pictures taken and relisted on eBay.  Seller says to call them (Daniel, 203 778 2601), that they expect to have a strong offer for it and sell it before auctions end.  I hope it finished at auction so we get a sense of what a car like this is really worth.

Looks like a car now.  I know it needs as much work as one all apart to restore this, but I would make it run and drive with the minimum effort first, enjoy it on the road for a few years then do a gradual nut and bolt.  Too bad I don’t have a billionaire benefactor in my readership.  A wonderful book about the restoration of it could be produced.

I am assuming this is all just finger tightly assembled, but at least you can see it’s all there. -except the hood latch.  Would the hood have been stamped with the body number?

Laurence’s SVC has this color scheme interior, in original condition.  This would look amazing if just carefully put together with what you see.  Horn ring is busted.

Update 12/28/11:  This car has been pulled and listed as no longer available.  Was $25,100 when the auction ended.  I was thinking somewhere between $40 – $50K would be the end price.

Original post 12/23/11: Giulietta Sprint Veloce ‘Confortevole‘ 750E 1493*06469, 1315*30952.  This car is on eBay right now out of CT from the same seller as the 1957 Spider Veloce 750F seen in Market 355.  These early Sprint Veloce’s seem to not turn up for sale as often as Spider Veloce’s and this being a numbers matching, light in the rust department and very complete example, might sell for a surprising amount.

Wow.  It’s interesting that this car was just another used car for a while.  More interesting than most, but not in any big money way -at least not until recently.  Door fit is as great as is expected from a hand fit Bertone car.  Nose looks good.

No major rust visible.  Wheels are mismatched Fergat/Borrani set-up so common in a Giulietta project and probably due to availability of 40 year old tires that will hold air. 

Back end looks great.  I like the gas tank strap tied to the bumper mount.

Needs some serious suspension help -not expensive work to do, but big payoff.  This side of the car looks as good as the other.

That’s as good as you can ask for in a 54 year old car.  I doubt any metal will need replacing.  I need one of those lid prop/spring sets.  Maybe I’ll give Alfa Stop a call.

Very nice.  This car is going to get a serious restoration I bet.

Same door cards, carpet and seat covers as Laurence’s car.  Steering wheel looks good.  Would be a shame to recover these original interior bits.

Some of the best original gauges I’ve seen.  140mph, 8000 rpm.

Lots of cleaning etc to do, but it’s all there and hooked up.  Nice red overspray.

This represents at least $4000.  It’s in really good shape and very complete.  I know several of you are going to save this picture for future reference.

Marelli starter and the filter housing.  More big dough parts.

That ‘E’ looks funky in the Autotelaio, but this is all original so Hmmm.

Firewall vin looks good.  No mistaking this car for any other.

And the engine number.

Alright guys and gal.  This is it.  As close to the holy grail of Giulietta projects as you are likely to get.  It could only be better if it was a lightweight, but that’s a whole different thing anyway.  I’m thinking $40k.


5 thoughts on “Market 357: Sprint Veloce Confortevole 06469

  1. Matt. my Italian is nonexistant, but doesn’t ‘confortevole’ translate to ‘convertible’ in English? What up wit dat?

  2. That being said, both “lightweight” and “confortevole” are later terms applied to the TWO trim variants of factory Sprint Veloce 1st series. My vote for the prettiest best performing small coupes ever. After Lionel’s car 1493E*06611, the Sprint Veloce became slightly something else, an excellent GT, as the Sprint Speciale & Zagato became the factory hot rods. The “Holy Grail” of this series has to be the original SVZ non-factory conversions!

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