Market 243: Small headlight Sprint 01682 in Australia

Update 1/14/12:  This car has turned up in Australia with an asking price of $32,500 or about $33,400 US.  I also got a tip that it was available in Southern California, but apparently, it’s an old link.  The seller from 8/2010 confirmed it’s in Australia.

You don’t see this angle often unless you or your neighbor has a Sprint and you have a second story balcony overlooking the parking area.  I want a first series Sprint project.  Maybe after the 750D project that’s after the Glas GT project.

Original post 8/9/10: Giulietta Sprint 750B 1493*01682, 1315*01758. Body # 651655. This car is available right now out of Japan for $22,000.  A pretty good deal for a numbers matching small headlight early car.  This car has the rare ‘rolled lip’ style early rims and was converted to floor shift from column shift -which supports my theory that column shift was common if not the norm in the early cars.

Amazing how similar and yet different the small headlight cars appear compared to the later cars.  Makes it look bigger than it is.  This looks like a nice solid car with good shut lines and accident free bodywork.  The small headlight components are hard to find.

License plate is California black style.   Trunk shut line looks great.  I prefer the rear end on this series Sprint without the big lip around its waist.

I see some surface rust but all in all the floor looks solid.  Door panel looks original, would be nice to keep it in service.

The famed ‘rolled lip’ style early rims which were discontinued because they were more expensive to manufacture and had the potential to rust from the inside out.

Gauges look great.

No way to confuse this with any other car now.

$22,000 is not a bad deal at all for this car.  The celeste example out of Britain is quite expensive and I think these very early small headlight cars will overtake series 2 Veloce’s in value eventually.  How much is shipping from Japan anyway?


9 thoughts on “Market 243: Small headlight Sprint 01682 in Australia

  1. I left the lip on the rear of my sprint, I think it breaks up the line nicely. Is there an engine with this Sprint, it would be nice to see if it has all the good bits like the air cleaner, washer bag, etc.

    • These early Sprints never had the ‘lip’. Among the pictures is one of the engine number so I assume the engine is included. I don’t think this one is early enough to have the impossible to find style filter. Stuff will be missing though…


  2. I’m with Matt……. How much is shipping to Japan!!
    This looks like a good car. I would need more photo’s; Motor room and underside to get heated-up on this.

  3. Also note the tri-gage and oil press in U.S. and the Speedo in Km. Thats different! I must be interested… I’m looking to close. I’m gonna take a cold shower and get rid of this idea.

    • Makes some sort of sense since Japan is metric and the car is from California. You did what you had to do to stay on the road…


  4. Last time I checked, a 20-ft. container from East Asia will cost $2,600 to Oakland, Ca. So, budget $25K or more to the U.S.

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