Market 369: Spider 750D 02726 at Gooding

Update 1/22/12: Car sold for $60,500 including buyers premium.  Anyone catch the sale price of the red one?

Original post 1/13/12: Giulietta Spider 750D 1495*02627This car will be auctioned in Arizona later this month by Gooding & Co along side the dusty barn-find of Market 367.  Car is described as, and appears to be largely original, having never been apart and repainted once, over 20 years ago in the original color.  750D Spiders are hot right now and Gooding’s has been successful auctioning Giulietta’s so I expect this car to do well.

This is a flattering angle for the Spider, though the white paint makes the contours disappear.  Trim, paint and everything else looks just right.

Very tidy car.  Trunk fit is excellent.  Is that a dual exhaust tip?  ‘Giulietta’ badge is probably from a Berlina or TI.

Car is pretty low in the front.  Wheels are Borrani’s.  Nice pictures.

Seat covers appear to be original.  Piping has faded to a mellow red.    Nice presentation with the buckled seat belts.

This all looks very good.  Engine is said to be an original type replacement. 

There is no shortage of early Spiders on the market right now.


7 thoughts on “Market 369: Spider 750D 02726 at Gooding

  1. i am surprised, this car looks just as my own 750 spider that was sold last year
    identical inside color shame…

    I do not believe that this car is an original unpainted!!!

      • I know this car well. It bothers me how it’s story has been altered to command a bigger sale price. Serge is correct, it’s been painted at least twice. Orig color was bright Farina white now a light ivory. It has been substantially apart, has dull chrome and is not a matching number car with many parts from other cars. And yes, it has the back half of an old Abarth exhaust system. I would rate it as a clean, reliable “driver”. The auction estimate of 60-80k seems quite high.

      • I have been hoping that eventually readers who know the cars would chime in and give appraisals based on experience.

        Thanks for the insight!

  2. Hello Matt and Group,

    I referred this car to you guys in Falls at the time it was for sale at a Shop in Massachussets. I had no interest in the business of course.
    The owner of this business put then the car in Auction and we now know the results/

    – this car is not listed in your register Matt yet. I do not see it in the 750 Normale part.
    – For those who have historical interests, here a link of MANY detailed pictures of this car.

    All the best
    Jerome (JaB)

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