Market 368: Spider 750D 01969 in Germany -super clean!

Giulietta Spider 750D 1495*01969, 1315*41915.  This car is available now out of Germany on Classic Driver.  Condition is very good with matching numbers and what appears to be all the right parts.  There are a lot of these early Spiders on the market right now, but few offer no excuses turn-key performance and high level finish like this car.  Asking price is 47,999 Euro’s or about $61,000.  Lots of restoration information can be found here.

I like them in this dark red.  That big money RHD car out of Australia was a similar color.  I can’t find fault with it in this picture other than the oddly shaped rear view mirror. 

That license plate is one big MF.  I can’t tell what that thing is mid windshield in this picture -someone on the other side of the car? Everything is alright back here too.

Gauges are yellowed about right.  Rear view mirror is an odd one but probably very effective.  Interesting clock in the middle of the dash.  Accessory glove box lid?? Seems to be an extra knob along the bottom of the dash too.  All in all it looks very nice.

It’s amazing how little there is to these cars.  I like the zinc plated trailing arms, rear locating triangle and front suspension bits.

I suspect this is how they looked when new.  No high-gloss candy-coat.  No wrinkle finish.  No air cleaner -or, er, umm (it’s visible in another picture).  Well, you get the idea -the finish under here looks perfect to me.

Hello, my name is…

This looks like a really good car.  There is some interesting period character about the dash, but other than that, if it drives how it looks then I say go for it.


2 thoughts on “Market 368: Spider 750D 01969 in Germany -super clean!

  1. Lots of little details for the new owner to rectify, air filter is in one of the other pictures. overall a nice package……..can’t believe ya missed the 101 bumper…..ha, ha


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