Market 187: Sprint 10102*22255 project in Italy

Update 1/12/12:  This car is still available, and currently listed on Autoscout.  Thanks for the tip Elmar!  Asking price is 8200 Euro’s.

Someone has a new coat of primer!

2/11/2010: Giulietta Sprint 10102*22255, 1315*011518. This car is for sale at Ghibli Auto Classiche right now.  At first glance I thought it was one of the projects I’ve written about in the last two years, but looking at the numbers it’s a new face in the story.

Neglect?  Check.  Missing parts?  Check.  Only for the optimist?  Absolutely!  Lots of neat stuff in the background.

Not sure where that rear wheel is fromTrim and all that is mostly present -no front bumper. Door shut lines are typically great.

Those look like Euro rear lights with faded amber tops.  You can bet this thing needs most if not all of a new trunk floor.  Bumper looks pretty good.  I see a big Healey and a Giulia Spider.

Drivers door fit is also exemplary. Where did they pull this thing from?

I think the engine is just set in here as a probably convenient way to move it around.   Lots missing.

Hello, my name is…

Ah, that’s where the transmission got to…    Dash seems to have all of it’s buttons and switches.  Floors are there but probably thin if not divine.

It’s hard to tell where the dirt and grit ends and the rust begins.  Fortunately the roof keeps this area a lot drier in Sprints than it does on a Spider.

Ready for a kind hand, ready for a not too difficult parts hunt and mostly ready, pensively waiting, for a return to the road.  Being already in Europe it has a slight leg up on it’s US based contemporaries, but I’m sure there is a premium attached just for that reason.  Good excuse for an excursion to Umbria.

2008 Sprints

2009 Sprints


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