Market 367: Spider 750D project 00991

Giulietta Spider 750D 1495*00991This car is going to be auctioned by Gooding and Co this January 20/21st in Scottsdale Az.  It’s really playing up the dusty barn find appeal, and for good reason -it has a lot of that dusty barn find appeal!  There are a lot of guys who pay a premium to be the first one to take a crack at a car like this, and as such I expect a healthy sale price.

Nose is very straight.  Trim needs some chrome help, but looks pretty good.  I like the dust!

A real artist was handling this photo shoot.  The mood lighting, the dramatic shadows, the nostalgic items in the case.  Car looks like the perfect project.  No visible rust, no visible dents, just neglected originality.

Don’t be fooled, there is work to do here.  Passenger window winder is broken off.  Passenger seat looks to be loosely assembled

Looks like the gauges in my Sprint.

Coil looks odd.  Has a Veloce fuel filter/regulator.  Is that a fuel pump on the fender well by the voltage regulator?  Cam cover doesn’t have a rear cross brace.  Head has a Veloce fuel pump blank off plate.  A fun place to start.

By way of a positive ID.  Originally a white car?  I don’t think Pininfarina allowed overspray on firewall fasteners.  What’s this cable coming out of the firewall for?

This auction will definitely be playing up the barn find mystique.  Look for a surprising result and copy-cats to follow.


4 thoughts on “Market 367: Spider 750D project 00991

  1. All early 750 series spiders/sprints were fitted with a glass bowl filter/pressure regulator.
    both veloces and normales. I have 5 early spiders,6 early sprints all fitted with this type of filter.
    My oldest spider is chassis number149500442 and my oldest sprint is sprint speciale chassis
    number 101 120 00005

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