Market 365: Sprint Veloce racer 157435

Giulietta Sprint Veloce 10106*157435.  This car is listed on Anamera as available now out of Italy.  It’s a rough and ready racer with a spartan, uninspiring interior and lots of modifications.  Asking price is 32,500 Euro’s or $41,500 at the time of writing (as the Euro depreciates against the dollar).

I’m not much into yellow, but it works on Sprints.  Body looks pretty straight -no glaring problems.  Hood fits well and the grills all look nice.  Lots of trim is missing, but that’s just dead weight -right?  Wheels look as though they may be original Cromodora’s.

I wonder where the trunk seam went?  Trunk lid fits well.  For a no-nonsense car there is a lot of badging on the rear of it. 

Gas tank vent ridge is gone from the floor of the trunk.  Locking gas cap and no gas cap hatch cover?

Hopefully what it lacks in style it makes up for in function.

Original motor?  Only an Italian reader who feels like bothering the seller will find out.  Carbs ar 45DCOE’s.

It’s a tough but occasionally thrilling life for a car like this.  I doubt it has much provenance to make it valuable as a racer above its intrinsic value.  It’s too far gone to revert to a street car at this price.  Would make a fun vintage rally car, but would require some amenities even for that.  I guess it’s a waiting game.  If that was the original engine and it was $35,000, I could see buying it as a basis for a fun car.


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