Market 363: Spider 750D 00033 in Sweden

Giulietta Spider 750D 1495*00033Henrik wrote to inform me that this car was available in Sweden for 349,000 SEK, or about $50,500 at the time of writing.  The car was sold by Jo Bonnier to Prince Bertil Bernadotte, Great Uncle to the current Swedish King.  Engine is said to be the original one, but it sports Webers now.  If you’re in the market for a very early number car, then this might be for you -doesn’t hurt that the asking price of this car is less than a lot seen recently.

Light blue is charming as always.  Door an hood fit look excellent.  All the trim fits well.  A nice car.

These turn signal lenses look interesting -a little smaller than usual.  Refreshing to see one without the black ‘licorice rope’ edging on nose the trim.

Rear view mirror looks different than usual.  The leading edge of the top seems to cover more of the upper edge than I’m used to.    Nice clean paint inside the wheel wells.  Car is said to have been languishing in a barn for years before being restored recently.

Tail light lenses and rear bumper are 101 items.  This rear wheel looks like a Borrani, while the other three appear to be Fergats.  Trunk fit is excellent.

Steering wheel is ugly.  Seats might be original under these covers -I think so based on the shape.  Carpet looks home-made.  I don’t mind the red and light blue, but it’s not original.  So it has some kinks to work out…

Gauges look original.  77K km’s? 

It is amazing to me that these early cars keep turning up.  I don’t expect this car to be on the market very long despite it’s few non-original its to correct -if the new owner cares that is, but i think the whole point of owning a super early car like this is to have it be correct.



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