Market 309: Stunning Celeste Spider Veloce 750F 03861

Update 1/6/12: I feel like I’m watching a rocket take off at Cape Canaveral.  This car has been listed by Colin’s Classic Cars in Milwaukee for $125,000.  It looks like some work has been done to tighten it up but it didn’t seem to need anything the last time it sold. It remains stunning and it remains one of the best I’ve had the pleasure of writing about.

Can this car have appreciated $54,900 in 7 months?  I hope we find out, and hold on to your hat if it has.

Colin writes a good description:

“The ultimate Giuliettas were the Veloce versions, cars even Alfa Romeo strongly cautioned buyers were unsuitable for daily use. From the factory they were equipped with dual Weber DCO3 carburetors (without chokes) fed by a Veloce-specific ram air induction system and electric fuel pump; long branch exhaust header with sand-bent tubes and free-flow exhaust; a 1300cc all-aluminum DOHC engine with higher compression, radical high lift camshafts, special Lucas distributor; special brakes with finned aluminum drums; and many other special features to make these unique cars competition ready right off the showroom floor. They are a high strung, hyper, 1500 rpm idle and 8000 rpm redline, cold blooded thrill ride.

The most desirable of these Veloces are the early 750 Series short wheelbase cars, in Spider form known as 750F cars, the factory designation. Very few were produced from 1957-1959, with production estimates hovering around 500. They possess a purity lost in later Giuliettas and Giulias and remain one of the most stunning and aesthetically pleasing sports cars of all time. Every aspect of these hand-built cars show the attention to detail and desire to make things look as good as they work that Italians are known for. Everything from the beautifully detailed engine to the finned aluminum rear differential and brake drums are works of art on their own.

The 750F on offer here is one of the good ones. A life-long California car, it has escaped the number one enemy of these cars- rust. It is completely rust free and has all of its original panels throughout. Finished in its striking original and rare color of Celeste Blue over navy and blue interior it is a sight to behold. A recent sympathetic restoration has made this highly original car even better. Even more rare is the fact that this Veloce retains its complete, numbers matching original engine, tunnel case transmission, and all Veloce-specific parts including its matched original DCO3 Weber carburetors. The suspension and braking systems have just been fully rebuilt as well, and the car performs as-new with the magnificent crisp handling, supple ride, and addictive exhaust note these cars are legendary for. I have been involved with these cars for decades and this car is one of the few truly excellent 750F’s I have ever seen.

One drive in a good 750 Veloce and you’ll know why Alfisti call these cars “Little Jewels”. They are just magnificent and engaging sports cars, from a time when you could buy a true sports car on Friday and hit the track on Saturday. Today they offer an engaging, reliable and swift driving experience that is perfectly suited for spirited Sunday drives of any manner of tours or rallies such as the Mille Miglia, the Colorado Grand, or the Copperstate 1000- and at a discount of millions of dollars from any comparable performing “SWB” Italian exotic from the same era!”

Update 5/9/11: 23 bids resulted in a sale at $70,100.  Pretty good for a non stage-drive-rich-guy-auction-weekend presentation.  I also note my review got mentioned as an add on to the description.  Nice.

Originally posted 5/1/11: Giulietta Spider Veloce 750F 1495*03861, 1315*31093.  This extremely nice example is on eBay right now out of southern California.  Numbers match, the right parts are present and the sellers description is candid and right on.  If the market for Giulietta Veloce’s stays strong this is a blue-chip investment for the right price.

Such a great color!  Everything looks as it ought.

Nice backside.  Seller says all chrome was redone.  I like the YOM plate.  Trunk fits well.

Body shut lines etc all look very good.  Looks show to me.

Very tidy -no over-spray, no excuses at all in fact.

Celeste with black interior is a fairly understated combo.  Dash looks as good as any I’ve ever seen.

Cool!  I wouldn’t mind a test drive.  Looks to be missing a control knob or did they just leave it unfilled on Veloce’s of this period.

Was mechanically restored by Santos in Northridge -except the engine which ran too good to mess with.  Webers are original 40DCO3’s.  There is some light detailing to do if you look at the close up pictures, but not much.

Obligatory positive ID shot.

$80,000?  We’ll see!


3 thoughts on “Market 309: Stunning Celeste Spider Veloce 750F 03861

  1. The Veloce’s only have 3 knobs on the dash, (no choke), but it should have a chrome cover over the hole. Very nice car!

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