Market 361: Black Spider Veloce 750F 05144

Update 1/12/12: This car has sold.

Original post 1/5/12: Giulietta Spider Veloce 750F 1495*05144, 1315*31935.  Fantasy Junction has this car in stock right now for $79,500.  Fit and finish look pretty good, but some non-originality including color combo, intake, steering wheel and transmission, may put off some buyers.  The caretakers of this car mentioned in the ad are well known for quality work, so it should drive well.  California black plates are a nice addition as always.

I’ve looked down this sidewalk a few times.  Looks good up here.  Hood fit is slightly biased toward the left side.  You don’t see amber markers on 750’s very often.

Car has a nice patina -like it’s been cared for and enjoyed.  The obligatory ‘top up’ shot. 

Steering wheel is a 101 item. Bumper is the right one.  I like the reflected sky blue fading into the black of the trunk lid.

A little detailing back here wouldn’t hurt.  I wonder why they chose to leave a patch of primer or hammerite or whatever it is.  Battery enclosure is hideous.

Black on black with Tron pin striping is just not the thing for a black car.  Off-white carpet is interesting.

Doesn’t a Veloce tach redline higher -like 6500 or so?  Maybe the number ring is not centered?  Maybe a normale tach with a Veloce number ring?  Looks good though.

It looks purposeful and probably performs great, but from an originality perspective, there is a lot to do.

Positive ID.

Looks like a decent car -no rust, matching numbers, incorrect but complete and functional.  Lets see how long this one stays on the market.


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