Spider and Spider Veloce 2011 market review

As usual there were more Spider/Spider Veloce’s on the market than any other Giulietta. If you go down the list you will see a lot of red -but the two verified high dollar cars were non-red, black and celeste rather.  $70,100 for the very nice celeste 750D is serious money considering the years high sale was the black Veloce at $90,000.  Next year I expect to see one or two nice cars over $100,000 -probably a restored, non-red 750F if it happens.  On the project front, the flow of freshly unearthed cars hasn’t slowed, and I don’t expect it to, since these cars, even in serious disrepair, are obviously special.

Market 358 was Spider 750D 000647, a modified project that is on eBay at $2550 as I write.

Market 350 was a Giulia Spider 1600 on Craigslist for $3000.  Might have been a good deal!

 Market 303 was Spider 1600, failing to sell on eBay for $3050, is listed again as I type with an asking near $6000.

Market 338 was Spider 10123 379319, another project pulled from eBay -this one at $4000.

 Market 339 was Spider 1600 Veloce 10118 390672, pulled from eBay after a few bids put it at just over a grand.  A $4500 parts car?  Depends on a few things…

 Market 331 was Spider 750D 03930, selling on eBay to Germany for $6500.

Market 359 was Spider 09537, on eBay for $8000 opening bid as I write.

Market 346 was Spider 750D 000140, available from Classic Investments.  Probably an $8000 car.

Market 343 was Spider Veloce 750F 05994, not meeting reserve on eBay when ending at $8600.

Market 342 was Spider 750D 02532, pulled from eBay.  A $9000 car?

Market 345 was Spider 750D 03719, selling on eBay for $10,211, a car that had been flooded, but was very well presented.

 Market 304 was Spider 750D 06223, with a genuine Pininfarina hardtop, selling on eBay for $13,200.

Market 336 was Spider 10118 390369, pulled off eBay when it was at about $9000.  A $15,000 project car?

Market 356 was Spider Veloce 10125*10642, listed on the Alfa BB looking for offers.  Probably a $15,000 car?

Market 353 was Spider Veloce 750F 03317, for sale in Italy without an asking price.  A $15,001 car?

 Market 308 was a 750D Spider with a genuine Pininfarina hardtop that sold for about $16,000 on the AlfaBB.

 Market 302 was Spider Veloce 10107 07526 initially listed for $24,500 but still available with an asking price of $17,000 as I type.

 Market 310 was Spider 10103 170509 selling for about $18,000 off eBay.

 Market 337 was Spider 750D 02031.  Nicely set up for racing and selling on eBay for $19,800.

 Market 300 was Spider 10103 171138 that failed to sell on eBay for $23,500.

 Market 311 was a 10103 Spider failing to sell on eBay for $24,000.

 Market 316 was Spider 10103 169986, failing to sell on eBay for $24,500.

Market 326 was Spider 10103 169451, a clean Spider that did multiple tours of duty on eBay.  It reached $25,100 the time I tracked it.

 Market 347 was Spider 750D 04335, for sale by Beverly Hills Car Club for $26,500.

 Market 293 was Spider 170380, an ex Carrerra participant for about $28,000.  Can’t remember what it sold for.

 Market 328 was Spider 10103 370324, an incorrect, though functional and decent looking car with the price tag of $29,000.

Market 344 was Spider Veloce 750F 03409, for sale by Beverly Hills Car Club.  A somewhat overpriced project at $29,500.

 Market 329 was Spider 750D 04899, a giuliettas.com exclusive offered for $30,000.

 Market 296 was Spider 10103 171428, available on Craigslist.  I didn’t get a price but $30,000 seems reasonable.

Market 348 was Spider 10103 370548, selling for $30,101.

 Market 327 was Spider 750D 03579, a pretty nice car that was bid to $30,200 but did not meet reserve.

Market 355 was Spider Veloce 750F 02264, selling for $31,000!

 Market 253 was Spider Veloce 10107 10201, listed for $32,000.  Originally posed in 8/2010 for $39,875.

 Market 318 was Spider 750D 00599, selling on eBay for $32,200.

Market 349 was Spider 10103 370837 for $34,900.  I doubt it will sell for this unless some work is done.

Market 95 is a repeat from 2009, restored and now 32,000 Euro’s or $41,6000 at the time of writing.

 Market 286 was Spider 378523, listed by Fantasy Junction and selling for $44,500.

Market 354 was Spider Veloce 750D 01925, asking price 42,000 Euro’s – $54,300 at time of writing.

 Market 320 was Spider 750D 00627, offered on eBay then pulled and sold through Fantasy Junction.  I think it was $60,000?

Market 319 was Spider 750D 00134, failing to sell on eBay after reaching $60,100.

 Market 335 was Spider Veloce 1600 10118 390532, sold by Fantasy Junction for $68,500!

 Market 309 was Spider Veloce 750F 03861, selling for $70,100 on eBay.

 Market 317 was Spider 750D 00040, for the asking of 55,000 Euro’s or $71,100.

 Market 292 was Spider Veloce 10107 07600, selling at auction at Amelia Island for $90,000 + $9,000 premium.

 Market 290 was Spider 750D 0042, available in Australia for $101,000!

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