Sprint and Sprint Veloce 2011 market review

2011 saw more SS’s on the market than Sprint/Sprint Veloce’s -at least as far as my tracking went, and I didn’t really try to find SS’s more than Sprints.  Seems odd, since there were 10X more Sprint’s made.  If you look at the list below you will see very few first series 750B’s, no lightweights and only a couple non-lightweight Veloce’s changed hands -the bulk of the sales were 101 normale’s like mine.  Of those a few made really decent money.

 Market 287 was a Sprint in a sorry state out of Poland for $1000.

 Market 325 was a 101 Sprint selling as a pair with a stepnose GTV, sold together for $3748 -I’ll give the Sprint the benefit of the doubt and say it sold for $2000.

 Market 270 was Sprint 350206 reaching $4459.44 on eBay without meeting reserve.

 Market 322 was Sprint 08650, available for $9950 from multiple sources.

 Market 298 was Sprint 750B 00668, failing to sell on eBay for $10,260.

 Market 307 was Sprint Veloce 750E 06600, selling immediately via Buy it Now on eBay for $12,000.  Such a deal.

Market 334 was Sprint 10105 21453, available on CL for $13,000.  A good deal methinks.

Market 340 was Sprint 10102 24148, set up for racing and failing to sell on eBay several times.  I tracked a no sale at $15,000.  Decent price for a pretty nice car.

 Market 184 was a resale attempt of project Sprint 750B 02880.  I didn’t catch the auctions end, but think they were trying to get between $15K and $20K.

Market 195 was a repeat of Sprint 750B 08477, on eBay out of Portugal and failing to sell for $22,850.

 Market 313 was Sprint 10105 21069, a Bringatrailer exclusive selling for $23,500.

Market 351 was Sprint 10103 350182 in Holland for 19,500 Euro’s, about $25,500 at time of writing.

Market 323 was Sprint 10105 21083 selling on eBay for $25,800.

Market 341 was Sprint 1600 10112 356435 offered by Motoring Investments.  Probably a $30,000 car, originally offered for less then taken off offer to fix a few things and raise the price.

Market 352 was late Sprint 1300 10103 385833, for sale in Italy for 25,000 Euro’s or about $32,500 at time of writing.

 Market 312 was Sprint 10105 21131, selling through Fantasy Junction for $40,000.

 Market 306 was a 2 Sprint package deal out of Greece with an asking price of $44,700.

Market 15 was a repeat sale through Fantasy Junction of Sprint 101 22975, for a reported $45,000 – 49,500.  I want to say $46,500.

Market 357 was Sprint Veloce 750E 06469, pulled from eBay when at $25,100.  I would guess it would have sold for between $40,000 and $50,000.


1 thought on “Sprint and Sprint Veloce 2011 market review

  1. Sprint Veloce ” Market 273 ” recently changed hands for a bit over $75,000.00, It had been fitted with a complete new interior and a two liter engine, the original 1300 came with the car… The car retained its roll bar, GTA light weight close ratio gear box, ZF limited slip rear and larger drum brakes fitted to the rear.. It goes quite well…

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