Sprint Speciale 2011 market review

2011 was a good year for SS’s, I tracked 24 sales, with the average price seeming to have climbed a bit since last year, and even scary projects starting above $15,000.  Lownose 00061 at over $200K is a highlight, but I think Market 294 might have been the highlight of the year, despite the 105/115 Spider nose grafted on.

Market 332 was this Giulia SS in Italy.  I think the asking price was 20,000 euro’s.  Probabaly worth about $15,000 as a parts car.

 Market 297 was SS 00358, available in Europe for $18,800.

Market 324 was SS 10120 177353 selling on eBay BIN for $19,500 to Beverly Hills Car Club, who immediately relisted it for $26,500.  Still available.

 Market 281 was a Giulia SS for restoration in France.  No price, but I guess $25,000 based on location etc.

 Market 330 was SS 10120 00381, available through giuliettas.com for $28,000.

 Market 305 was SS 10120 00246 failing to sell on eBay when it ended at $28,655.55.

 Market 301 was Giulia SS 381313 selling on eBay for $32,750.  It crossed the Atlantic and went up immediately for sale in the UK for ‘offers’.

 Market 295 was SS 381285 selling for $26,500, being quickly listed by Beverly Hills Car Club and selling for $38,500.

 Market 294 was lownose SS 00078, selling for an undisclosed amount that I will guess was near $40,000.

Market 333 was SS 10120 00486, selling for $40,000.

 Market 269 was SS 381131 offered for $49,500.  I think this car went on to be auctioned in Arizona for more.  Anyone?

 Market 7 was the relist of SS racer 380352 for $54,000.

 Market 282 was a Giulia SS for $56,000 out of Belgium.

Market 291 was SS 381379 selling on eBay for $62,750.

 Market 284 was SS 00228, for sale in Germany for $65,000.

Market 321 was SS 177468, auctioned through Barons for about $70,000 -I didn’t actually catch the sale price.

 Market 285 was SS 381347, auctioned by Goodings for about $80,000.

 Market 315 was a repeat of Market 3, the sale of SS 10120 177061.  It was on eBay a bunch of times, the time I captured it failed to sell for $62,500.  I heard it sold for asking eventually -about $80,000.

 Market 299 was SS racer 380352.  Asking price was March 2011 euro equivalent of $85,000.

 Market 283 was SS 381099 selling for $85,000 at auction in Arizona.

Market 360 was Giulia SS 381261, asking price was $89,000.

 Market 31 was SS 00388, selling at Amelia Island for $140,000 + 10% or $154,000.

Market 226 was the sale of SS 10120 00533 at auction for a record setting $190,000 + 10% or $209,000.  Nice car with a lot of provenance.

Market 314 was lownose SS 00061, asking price is 165,000 Euro’s or $213,500 as I write.  Serious car for serious money.  Sold?  Not sure.

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8 thoughts on “Sprint Speciale 2011 market review

  1. thank you ever so much Matt for the wonderfully informative site you run, as you know I also have a 101 spider, the photo links you have sent me for the ss are proving so very helpfull, kind regards,
    have a very happy new year

  2. Matt,

    The norm when quoting auction prices is to use the number the buyer actually paid, adding the commission onto the hammer price. Market 31 should therefore be $154k and Market 226, $209k.

    Just picked up a ‘scalino’ from your neighborhood. Maybe you could expand your coverage ?


    • Fantasy Junction car?

      I have thought of covering 2000/2600’s and pure 105’s but with a kid on the way, it’s likely more than i can do.

      Noted on the prices, will edit.


      • Not FJ, BaT car. It was just too original to pass up.

        Best wishes re your expanding family. 105s have room for a car seat !


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