Market 360: SS 381261 in Burlingame

1/4/12: I have it from several sources that this car has been sold.

Giulia SS 10121*381261Kip sent me an email to let me know this SS is available now from Cammisa motors in Burlingame for $89,000.  Car was a German market car, not sure if it had any final assembly done there like the earlier Giulietta’s that NSU did final prep on.  Color Combo is excellent.  Seems to be priced fairly considering some of the project prices seen this year.

That’s a handsome creature!  Good color, good panel fit, great trim fit and clean.  Anyone have $90K I can borrow?

This thing has been detailed quite heavily.  Would be interesting to go visit it and see if it really is this nice.  Wheels are Borrani’s.

That blue license plate was assigned in the late 70’s or as late as the early 80’s.  Automatic antennae on the driver rear?

Actually looks pretty original in here.  Not overly glossy.  Spare tire hold down handle is present.

Seats are mid 60’s GTV items.  Sportier and more practical than the originals, but not the originals.  I wonder if they are available?  Good color in here.

Nice steering wheel.  It has the correct SS base and center rings -I wonder if it’s a period accessory?  Brake pedal is out of alignment with clutch pedal -doesn’t this mean it has an incorrect master cylinder or something?  Can’t remember exactly the story there.  Looks wonderful in here!

More nice nice.  I don’t see anything out of place.  This car is either super original or well restored.

This is the clue that it was intended for the German market.  These occasionally pop up.  The number in the body is the Bertone number *87*2520*.  87 was the prefix used for the SS.

I think this is a pretty good buy as priced.  Someone could probably buy this now, enjoy it for the next 7 months and auction it next summer at a profit.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is my last post for the year!  Happy New Year!


1 thought on “Market 360: SS 381261 in Burlingame

  1. I like the seats even if wrong for the model. I saw on a Google search that it is no longer available so sold already??? I thought the original ad I saw said it had a 1750 in it but original engine included.

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