Market 358: Early Spider 00647, slightly modified

Update 1/4/12:  Wow, $6,412!!

Giulietta Spider 750D 1495*00647This odd-ball home-brew special is on eBay right now out of Sacramento.  I am going to assume this is all reversible, and only the front end changes will present any challenge not part of routine rust repair.  Title of the auction says ‘Veloce’ but 00647 is not listed as such in d’Amico & Tabucchi.  If the engine is matching numbers to the body -and I believe it is based on the fuel line configuration- this is actually  a pretty good first step toward early Spider ownership in project form.  Me?  I’d vacuum out the leaves and roll as-is to Pebble Beach -you’d turn more heads in this than an 8C 2900.  If you had this car and the Market 216 car, you’d corner a dubious market.

Roof gutter definitely recalls the VW bug.  Too bad they didn’t have access to a Sprint roof to work with -might have been more successful.  Firewall is early Spider 750D leading me to believe more strongly that the vin is correct.  Headlight openings are likely 70’s Alfa Spider sections.  Engine looks remarkably complete and original.

Do I see the slightest hint of a black plate on the passenger side bumper?  Front end grill opening looks like it’s from a Sunbeam Alpine maybe?  Corner marker lights recall a Triumph TR.  Get a Spider nose clip, practice up on your welding skills and away you go.  Looks like the mounting features for the radiator have been altered.  As it is now, it’s a ram air through an over-sized radiator in a car known for very stable running temperatures -oh well, it is in Sacramento where it gets hot in the summer.  Corvette bumpers are not included.

Doesn’t look to have too much rocker rust.  Door shut line is pretty good.  Guys who attempt this thing are usually either horrible welders or great welders, if the former, there will be a lot of not very well penetrated welds, if the latter there will be a lot of deeply penetrating welds -either way, there will be a lot of careful grinding to do. 

I think those hinges are the right Giulietta items -nice.  I wonder how clean the work on the inside of the lid is.  Looks like new trunk lid time. 

Color might have been light blue or light gray originally?  Window opening shape is not entirely bad.  Kind of AC Aceca shaped.

I can’t quite make out what changes were made here.  Did they move the edge of the cockpit back?  Did they fill it in?  The shock inspection covers are not there.  Maybe there’s a VW engine in the back!  There’s not -in the third picture Alfa brake drums can clearly be seen.  Some odd bits lying about in here.

Looks like they were trying to give it a VW dash.  Note early shift lever.  Gauges look bad, but hey -they’re in there.  Steering wheel is not confidence inspiring.  I wonder what the world record distance for driving with vise-grips in place of a steering wheel is?  I bet the floor looks pretty bad under those leaves.

Early exhaust manifold, bakelite valve cover nuts, head mounted fuel pump with early hard-line plumbing, no cross brace web at the back of the valve cover, generator all point to the engine being early and there-fore likely correct for the car.   Radiator looks to be original, so disregard my earlier comment about over-sized.  The radiator support structure looks unmodified, water-pump looks odd.

Blank plate over the heater input duct.  The right air-box I think.  Carb?

This is one of the more interesting cars I’ve written about.  It’s coming out of Sacramento so there is a good chance it has less rust than you expect.  If it’s matching numbers then it’s a good starting place for someone and may go for surprising money.  If not I may have to buy it and test my Pebble Beach theory.

I expect lots of reader participation in the form of comments on this car.  What do you think??  Norm, do you want to go look at it for me and take some pictures?


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