Happy Holidays from giuliettas.com

It’s Christmas morning and I’m sitting in my easy chair with my slippers on, sipping tea and listening to PFM -some early 70’s Italian Prog rock.  Winter solstice, what I tend to think of as the start of the new year, was 3 days ago, so days should start getting noticeably longer in a few weeks and warm evenings working on projects and Spring motoring are just around the corner.  I am reminded that this time next year will be a lot less relaxing but very likely more fun since there will be a 10 month old boy hanging around.  I look forward to it.

I always buy my cars presents and this year the Sprint got a new set of Centerline 8mm green spark plug wires.  They sell 5mm wires, but I wore a set out in 3 years, so maybe the 8mm’s will last longer.  The Glas 1700 GT and I are still getting to know each other, but I took a chance and ordered a set of Deves piston rings in standard size (yep, they have them) and Flexible hydraulic lines out of Argentina.

I hope you all get a chance to sit in your easy chair, sip an appropriate to the time of day beverage and reflect on how good life is.  Happy Holidays (or whatever you call it)!

Christine’s rendition of our Fiat 124 hanging on our foil tree says ‘Happy Holidays’ with a personal touch. 




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