Market 356: Spider Veloce project 10642

Giulietta Spider Veloce 10125*10642. Alejandro made me aware that this car is available now out of Florida from a listing on the Alfa BB.  It’s a US market Spider Veloce and would have had an 00106 series engine with 40DCOE’s rather than 40DCO3’s.

I like how pictures like this force you to look differently at something since it’s orientation is unusual.  This nose looks pretty good.  One would want to touch and knock on it for bondo, but they all seem to have it.

Pictures are like a peepshow -upclose and dirty.  If you’re lucky that will be poor paint prep rearing its ugly head.  If not, the rocker will come off.  Good times.

Trunk is straight.  Wil probably need some patch work.  This series Spider has the cool tail lights that stick out like the first series items before the ovals.

Dash needs help.  Steering wheel has a crack. but is useable.  I see top bows, bumper parts, hub caps and hints of a whole lot more.

If this looks like this, what does the rest look like?  Positive ID though.

There are always those that write in and say they never heard of such and such a series or tipo.  Here it is, straight from a genuine Alfa Romeo parts book circa 1960.  Fusi doesn’t have the US market designations, so some don’t believe the cars exist -even though they clearly do, and to make matters worse, the cars sold well enough that a lot of non-US market cars were imported and sold.

This is a project, but a little easier than the 750F’s since it doesn’t require a $5000 intake system that takes $2000 to restore.  I have seldom seen 00106 engines come up for sale, so that could be problematic, but the messenger for the seller says it is available.


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