Glas 1700 GT: One is the loneliest number…

What does every shitty Glas GT project need?  That’s right.  A parts car.  I placed notices around here and there on forums for a parts car and sure enough, one turned up.  This car is a very very late in the production run car, and very very rusty.  Money was slight -almost trivial really, and it has that ‘ran when parked’ look to it, though it’s been a while.  I spent most of my day taking it apart.  Viva la full set of rims!

Yea -or is that yikes?  The good?  It’s all there.  The bad, it’s 200 pounds lighter than a stock Glas GT due to metal loss on the underside.  The ugly?  It was a low miles nice original car before it fell into the wrong hands.

You could reach through there and tickle the drivers toes.  Yep -that’s a P. Frua badge.

It really is a shame.  This car has 53,000 miles and ran less than 10 years ago if the modern spark plugs and abundance of coolant are any indication.  This is a good color for one of these.

Dash and steering wheel are pretty good.  Moss is growing on the floor boards.  I get the feeling that the rust is all recent activity.

This looks crap.  I sort of gave up enthusiasm then decided to pop the valve cover off. 

I was amazed that the inside of the engine was VERY clean.  Spotless really.  I did a leak down and got nothing, but with 53,000 miles, this crank is not likely to need bearings or anything…

Look at that tasty clutch disk.

I am left to wonder what happened here.  A totally good looking, low mileage car is left to rot for some reason.  I can’t find a fault in the engine other than neglect.  Maybe it was parked due to the abundance of rust??  It was in Washington after all.


2 thoughts on “Glas 1700 GT: One is the loneliest number…

  1. Wow! Great find, and no conflict of conscience over parting it out due to the rust.
    How Bertone are those bumpers?! Looks very close to Alfa GTV stuff.

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