Market 355: Barn find Spider Veloce 02264

Update 12/31/11: Sold for $30,100!

Giulietta Spider Veloce 750F 1495*02264, 1315*30740. Brad pointed out that this car just popped up on eBay out of Connecticut. As far as Spider Veloce projects goes, this car just about has it all -1957 build date, matching numbers, correct intake system including 40DCO3’s, seats with tracks, moderate rust, and overall decent completeness.  It’s still a project, and as such maybe a road to ruin, but among projects, it’s not too bad.

Looks like a really good car -maybe wax it, vacuum the spiders out of the engine compartment, iron the carpets and away you go.  Hood fit is really good.

Neat barn and great spooky weather.  Car looks good too.  Rear view mirror looks weird in the last two pictures.

White top?  Mismatched seats?  Oh well, so it goes.  I told you that mirror looked weird.

6500.  140.

Looks like the trunk has seen some repair in the past.

As you want it to be.  Plenty of work to do to make it right, but all the bits are there to do it without a big hassle.

You will be shocked if you need these and have to buy a set on eBay.  I wonder how hard it is to make these like new?

Shame about that shadow, but you get the idea.

Positive ID 1495 02264.

Repairs under here?  Better find out before you spend the big money.

Wow, quite a run of Spiders on the market the last week or so -or maybe it’s just me catching up with the market before the end of the year.  This is a SUPER complete Veloce.  It needs some rust repair and mechanical work, but nothing it is what it is, very little is hidden by shine and very little is missing.  This is the sort of car you want for a project.


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