Market 354: 750 Spider Veloce 01925 in Portugal

Giulietta Spider Veloce 750F 1495*01925This car is available now out of Portugal.  It sports a 101 normal 1300 engine and looks okay.  Asking price is 42,000 euro’s -a bit high for what is seen in the pictures.  Looks like maybe the same seller as the vent window Sprint in Portugal.

Looks decent here -red paint is lustrous, red and uniform.  Rear view mirror looks correct -really, no big alarm bells.  I doubt that hard top is a Pininfarina original.

Again, no real problems to report.  I hear there is an active classic car restoration industry in Portugal as a result of low-ish wages, similar to Poland I guess. 

Speedometer looks to be a 140mph item and the red-line seems to be about 6500 on the tach.  Veloce gauges?  Interior looks good.  No baggy fit to the seat covers, no dangling wires, nothing missing.

Paint scheme is a little weird back here, but it seems to be tidy and straight.  Greig will commend me for knowing this is a 750 series rear bumper with the single license light.

The wrong engine in so many ways -at least it’s not a 105 though.  Veloce filter/regulator is in its customary position.  Alas for the poor soul who buys this then sends a list to the 750/101 Yahoo group with a 30 item long list of impossible to find part wants…

Hood ‘blanket’ doesn’t look right.  Build plate should be screwed in place.  If it matches the firewall, we have a fairly early Veloce here.

This car is not so much restored, as put together decently with what was on hand.  The asking price is pretty strong -maybe if it was in this shape but had the correct motor with most of the right Veloce bits on it I could see it happening.

Will someone who speaks Portuguese please inquire as to what the firewall number is?


1 thought on “Market 354: 750 Spider Veloce 01925 in Portugal

  1. The car would be a good start, at the Padova fair this year an engine was available that would bring the car back to a very close match as when it originally left Portello… engine 30598 was on offer inclusive the gearbox, carbs and all, it would become a very desirable 750 F once being reunited with an appropriate engine.

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