Glas 1700 GT: Tour de Glas

You’re reading this with a bit of interest and a bit of eye-rolling, after all this is, not, but hey, it’s really, so humor me. I’ll inevitably talk about Sprint’s since they tend to be my frame of reference.

I was cruising the bits and bytes and found FCB Free Car Brochures.  The have a lot of good brochures scanned at VERY high resolution, including some Giulietta’s and Glas’s (awkward plural -anyone?).  I was thinking that most of you are probably like me, and have only ever seen a Glas GT at the point in the story where mine is -at the end of act one, just before act two begins or might begin, in other words, as a derelict disassembled depressing heap.  Well, this post is meant to take you back, to the beginning of act one, where the virgin is still a virgin, the dog hasn’t run away, and the crops are still growing.  From the top: Welcome to the all-new 1963 Glas 1300 GT!

This is the first picture in the 1963 brochure and represents what would have been many peoples first glimpse of the new GT based on the 1300 sedan.  Sexy car, sexy color, sexy girl not included.  Note the 1300GT doesn’t have a hood scoop.  Alfa wasn’t the only one to add a ‘decorative’ hood scoop to give their slightly larger engine a little head-room.  Like the Alfa 1600, the Glas 1700 was given a longer stroke.

Body has a nice, balanced shape.  Note it wears 4 of those Carello marker lights found on a lot of Italian cars that seem to incite eBay sellers to add extra zero’s when pricing.

“LASST  JUNGE  HERZEN  SCHNELLER SCHLAGEN.  I think this means the body shape is racy and will make your heart tell your head it should buy a Glas GT if it wants to feel young, or at least give the impression of being young and sexy (pimpression?).  It might only be part of the message.  You decide.  I like the silver/red color combo a lot.  An inspiring form for sure.

It is German after all, they had to demonstrate that the engine is not in the boot.  Metallic tan with dark-ish blue interior isn’t bad either.  That white line is a center crease from the brochure.  Nice use of color to differentiate the assemblies.

His and her bags for the weekend getaway.  Leica?  Hasselblad?  Bolex?  Quarter window latches are the same as Alfa GTV.

Door shape is reminiscent of an SS, opening handle looks like a Giulietta Sprint item.  Shifter is dainty.  Seats look comfortable.

For the tall guy who always wonders if he will fit.

Another amazing illustration.  I wonder if the illustrator was a highly regarded, well paid member of the team?  Note the rocker switches on the dash -they remind me of those on a Lancia Fulvia.

Engine is a compact unit.  The fan is red in real life.  I fixed up one of those fuel pumps recently.  Note the cast header.  Distributor on mine is a Bosch unit very similar to those found on that 1962 Giulia Spider 1300 of yours.  1300’s had a chromed valve cover, 1700’s had a cast aluminum one.

This is actually a 1700 saloon engine, but it’s basically the same.  Note the lack of a timing belt tensioner.  I’m really looking forward to putting my engine together.

Note the combustion chamber shape.  Very modern.  Rocker assemblies are interesting as the rocker arms pivot on a ball.

Yep, they made a convertible version too.  There’s a good color vibe going on in this picture.

So there you have it -this is what the introduction to a Glas in act one looked like.  Hopefully I can patch things together with mine and act three will be the return to glory.


8 thoughts on “Glas 1700 GT: Tour de Glas

  1. Leica? Hasselblad? Bolex? Actually a Rolleicord II.

    Giulietta’s (not plural !) and Glas’s (ditto !) Best to use Glas1700s, but when looking for those four marker lights, then Glasses would be called for !

  2. Hi Matt. Keep posting your Glas info and restoration progress, (almost) as interesting as Giuliettas. That fuel pump is unusual, not seen on many vehicles. The seat runner control looks very similar to the Sprint ones. Interesting having belt drive OHC, I believe the Glas 1004 was the actual first car (readily available to the public) to have belt drive cams. BTW the plural would be Giuliettas and Glass’, it is awkward with a word ending in s. Gavin

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