Glas 1700 GT: Ate clutch slave

The hardest part of fixing up a car with very little support is the odd model-specific OEM part.   The Glas GT has just such a part in its clutch slave cylinder, an Ate item.  My car came with one -a bit of good luck if you will, but it was VERY frozen and just generally not an encouraging prospect for clutching.  Jaan was confident it would come apart and sure enough, it did.

The thing about hydraulic pressure is, it doesn’t really take no for an answer, so long as the question has enough pressure to force the recalcitrant part to answer.  In this case I cleaned it, we applied serious cutting-torch type heat, and then we hooked it up to a 2 ton bottle jack.  We let it sit at about 100 PSI over night and the next morning, a little pump on the jack saw the cylinder pop out.

I decided to plate the newly apart cylinder in Zinc.  Here it is going in the degrease tank.

Twenty minutes later, the cylinder is pretty clean.  Zinc leaves the part gray.

A bit of pitting can be seen on the bore, it would probably work, but I hate to put it all together and find out not.  I doubt this can be sleeved.  Will have to call Sierra and see.

Here’s the cute little guy.  I would be very happy to find an NOS one of these.

I didn’t take any pictures, but I decided to try and plate just the inside of the bore so I could hone it back down and hope the pits were filled.  I screwed up and had too much current so the plating flaked off.  I’ll try again tomorrow.  Anyone have an idea of a clutch slave that might work?  It’s about 30mm OD.  An Alfa clutch slave looks similar but is 30% bigger than this.


2 thoughts on “Glas 1700 GT: Ate clutch slave

  1. Matt that’s an easy item to have sleeved in stainless steel. Forget plating the inside, it’ll just flake off under use. Stainless or brass is the way to go.


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