Market 353: Spider Veloce project 03317 in Italy

Giulietta Spider 750F 1495*03317, 1315*30772 (missing), 1315*45283 (now).  Wow, I just spent 15 minutes looking to see if I wrote about this car before -time to organize my files!!  This car is available now from Ghibli Auto Classiche e Sportive in Italy.  Conditon is not so good, but it’s a Veloce and it’s in the land where all the spare parts seem to be headed.

Looking so-so.  Parts are present.  I want to start an ‘as found’ movement, where you get a car like this, make it work, and use it looking like this.  Would be fun and boost Tetanus shot sales. 

It’s quite charming in its near-death repose.  Take it a step further and shoot clear lacquer over it.  Well, better replace the tires and clean the windows.


Another beautifully patinad part.  If you kept this this way, you could run your spare without anyone knowing it was your spare.  You could go through the transponder toll lane and the camera would have a hard time with your license plate. 

You could keep a big box of Tyvek suits in the trunk to go over your Prada suit while you’re driving, so you don’t get it dirty.  How epic would it be to be shifting via that original style, kicked up near the end shift lever, in it’s full rusty, no knob glory?  I wouldn’t take points off if you ‘improved’ the mirrors.  Some poor guy who is looking at a Google language tools translation of this post is bemused right about now by this write-up.

Steering wheel looks good.  Gauges appear to be the correct items -for why else would they have shown close-ups of them?  You wouldn’t have to clean the steering wheel to drive it like this, it would get clean by your efforts.  Speedo and Tach look quite good.

There is exactly one good thing about this being a non-Veloce lump in here:  a Normale head can be ‘restored’ into a Veloce head, where-as a Veloce head was skimmed to the valve seats when new and almost all of them are junk at this point.  Run what ya brung!

The by-now anticipated positive ID.  That hose clamp is a rare hex-head Roma-bloc (sp?) item.

I don’t know how much it is.  It doesn’t actually matter, this is a fight you, like me, will very likely remain a spectator to, nothing more.  Would be excellent to cruise for chicks in this cosmetically as-is though.  Time to go put the mash in mashed potatoes.


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