Market 352: Gorgeous Sprint 385833 in Italy

Giulietta Sprint 1300 10102*385833.  This car is available now from Luzzago in Roncadella, Brescia.  Color combo on this one is one of my favorites, the condition is very good, and the asking price is 25,000 Euro -about $32,500 at the time of writing.  This car is one of the last few Giulietta’s made -production ending at 386000.

I see this blue on a lot of 2600 Sprints, 105 GT’s, TI’s and Supers.  I might have to paint the Glas this color.  This all looks impeccable.

Interesting that the rocker trim is only below the doors.  Wheels are Borrani’s.  I like that it only has the Bertone badge on the front fender.

Rear end looks very good.  I think this type of plate holder is a little heavy-handed design-wise, but I guess it does the job.  Note the little “1300” badge on the trunk lid lower corner.

This just looks amazing to me.  Powder gray interior perfectly complimenting  the blueBright-work looks excellent.  Nardi wheel is commanding presence.  Looks to have a clock or compass on the dash and Roca mats.  I hear people say the 1300 Sprints NEVER got this dash or these gauges, but here you go… 385744 has this combo too.

Nice.  Someone has an eye for detailing.  These late 1300’s are pretty tough engines.

I like!


10 thoughts on “Market 352: Gorgeous Sprint 385833 in Italy

    • They did 1300 and 1600 Sprints at this time. Registration tax based displacement is why -same as GT Junior.


      US needs an ‘efficient car’ tax break

  1. My Sprint, 385693, also has this dash/instrument combo, plus front wheel disks and 5 speed trans. Originally built for the French market, now lightly prepared for vintage racing.

  2. Will someone confirm if you still get the two functions of horn and high beam flash from the steering wheel center button when you install a Nardi like this? Can you use the stock wheel button on a Nardi wheel?

  3. yes i confirm, the Nardi steering wheel has 2 buttons, for horn and flash.
    the center button is for flash, like original steering wheel.
    the “border” button is for horn.
    but you have to use only specific nardi button..
    happy new year to everybody

  4. Ciao Alberto,
    ho la stessa macchina ( AR385013) e ho anche io il cambio a 5 marce. Ma era un’opzione dell’epoca o solo una modifica che si faceva successivamente? Dietro hai il divanetto imbottito o solo una panca portabagagli?

    I have exactly the same car (AR385013) and I have the 5 speed gearbox too. Is it an original factory option or just an aftermarket? What about the original interiors for back seats?



  5. ciao andrea. Il cambio a 5 marce era una opzione dell’epoca, anche se il mio è “after market”.
    dietro non c’è il divanetto, ma solo il portabagagli.
    quando l’ho presa la macchina aveva uno schienale imbottito e niente seduta.

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