Market 351: Sprint 350182 in Holland

Giulietta Sprint 10102*350182. This car is listed on Anamera and is available now out of the Netherlands.  It is described as a good runner/driver that needs some detail work to make it perfect.  Price is 19,500 Euro’s, a little less than $25,500 at the time of writing.

Car was imported from the USA in 1992 and repainted then.  Looks pretty good.  Suspension is a little high in the front.  Wears original white Carello turn signal lenses.

Hood fit is good. Wipers come from the opposite direction to my car. 

Are these 160/15 tires?  Look a little balloon-ish here.  Door fit is very nice.

Euro lenses out back.  Trunk lid looks a bit pushed out -probably a new, not so supple gasket.  Headrest seen through window??

Looks like a 105 Spider seat.  I have the same mirror in the same spot.  Paint looks good for it’s age -must have been a quality job.

Lets see, door pull and window winder are incorrect on an incorrect door panel.  Seats are definitely Spider items.  Interesting fan pointed at the drivers crotch.  Steering wheel center looks odd.

Looks like my engine compartment.  Reservoir is medium sized.  Three shoe drums or Girling front disks?

Alll in all a good car at an acceptable price.


1 thought on “Market 351: Sprint 350182 in Holland

  1. Matt,
    a ’62 giulietta should not be “Good driveable 4 speed gearbox en original good running engine.” as stated in the Ad – Probably a typo as we know it is a-5-gear
    Thanks for your nice website and work

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