Difficult to find part for sale: Giulietta Spider seat tracks

Update:  Laurence comment below is correct, Afra sells these as a set for 744.15 Euro’s before shipping.  You can subtract 21% VAT if you’re not in a VAT country -which for the US is about $765.

For sale:  Full set of Giulietta/Giulia Spider seat tracks in excellent condition.  $500 obo (free insured shipping to contiguous US at this price).  Those of you who have never looked for a set of these seat tracks are no doubt looking at my asking price skeptically, but if you have looked for a full set, including the bottoms, you are probably thinking ‘eh, that’s about right’.  If you need these and moneys tight -send me an email and convince me why you should get them for a really good deal.  I’m a sucker for a hard luck case.  I’m always up for trading too and have a long wish list!

Other than some slight surface rust they are nice.  Knobs are smooth -no splitting, springs and catches are tight. 

The story? I recently bought a set of good condition original Sprint seats for my car that came with Sprint seat tracks.  These seats replaced a set of Giulia Sprint GT items that were mounted on Giulietta Spider seat tracks, and to the car via a pair of clever adapters.  I sold the Giulia Sprint GT seats to a friend who had been bugging me for them, and now I have the Giulietta Spider seat tracks left.  In an effort to raise cash to replace that spent on the Sprint seats and pay for some other work, I’m offering up these Spider seat tracks.

These can be disassembled and plated if you want a restored look.  I may do it for the challenge of it.

I just noticed this mounting pad is missing -okay, I’ll take some more off…


8 thoughts on “Difficult to find part for sale: Giulietta Spider seat tracks

    • Dan, Hmmm. I just got a great set of seats, so that’s off the chalk-board. I have all the nice interior bits I could use. My chrome is all way above average. None of my gauges work but they’re all good looking. 750-early 101 steering-wheel – would be tempting. Really -not much to want. Paint??


      • Hi Matt, Just thought I’d ask. Honestly I haven’t figured which model of Giulietta you are doing…. I doubt I have an extra good steering wheel but I’ll look. Mostly using period Nardi on my cars. I just bought a 3rd sprint, nice car. I’ll be busy when I retire. I remember you’ve sold most of your spares. Always looking if you get a new “cache.” Dan

      • My daily driver is a 59 Sprint normal. I don’t need anything for it that’s not readily available -like a trunk lid prop and spare tire hold down.

        You need anything? I sold the part of the iceberg you could see from above water.


      • The one I just bought is a ’59 normal, that cool tornado blue. I need some things here and there yet have lots of stuff I don’t need. I’ll be in touch. Thanks, Dan

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