Market 95: 1600 Spider project in Carlsbad

Update 12/17/11:  I’m still a little skeptical, but this car seems to have surfaced as a restored example in France for 32,000 Euro or $41,600.  I’ve compared pictures and the drivers side mirror, gauges and shift knob look the same between both.  What do you think?  If it sold for $12,000, cost $2000 to get it to Europe, that leaves $27,000 to fix it up and try and make money over 18 months.  If all it needed was rust repair, a respray and some catalog parts, maybe they’ll make money.  I suppose it really begs the question of corners cut.

Lots of pictures to compare here.

No visual cues yet that it’s the same car.

Same wood shifter knob and yellowed tri-gauge.  Neither is a rare thing.  Interior looks okay -seat covers are wrong.

Other than being a lot cleaner, it could be the same engine compartment.  Same radiator cap?

Update 11/11/09:  This car has turned up at Steuel in the Netherlands.  Price is not 11,500 Euro ($17,200 while the dollar lasts as the semi-universal currency).  Let’s see, $1000 to get it across the water, add a few thou’ to it and the makings of a living can be seen.  I’m surprised the hardtop wasn’t removed and sold separately.img1022Giulia Spider 375838 finds itself in a new country with a new language to learn and in the hands of people who have seen way worse rust.

Update 6/16/09: Amazing what can happen on eBay. This car ended at $12,200 with 22 bidders this time around. That is almost double what it reached last time with the same amount of bidders. Maybe someone really wanted the hard top!  This car is in many ways not as nice as my car that I am asking $4000.  I guess it’s time to put it on eBay.

Update 6/8/09: Apparently not sold, this car is once again on eBay though the seller has a different ID, not sure what that is about. Current bid is higher than the previous selling price and it’s only been on half a day. Seller has another Spider project, earlier, not as complete and a Veloce, that was listed at the same time. I think I would space the listings out if it were me, but there seems to be no shortage of Spider projects so it probably wouldn’t help.

Sorry about the lack of postings, I’ve been busy with other stuff and WordPress has been taking a LONG time to do/load anything so I get frustrated. Must be the large amount of stuff I have saved on their site.

Update 3/19/09: Car sold for $6250 with 22 bids. Probably well bought when everything is considered, especially the hard top.

Giulia Spider 1600 101.23 AR375858, Engine AR00502*15806 (Sprint GT). This little gem available on eBay right now out of Carlsbad California (near San Diego) re enforces the notion that ‘it’s always something’. Here we see a promising start with a complete car wearing very straight trim, a factory hard top, California Black Plates and a Sprint GT engine. While the engine is not original, with these ‘regular’ Spiders it doesn’t really matter so long as it runs. The something? This car is pretty rusty where it matters.

182f_3I could see just making this thing run and drive and then using it rusty bumpers (or no bumpers) and all. From this picture it looks like Carello’s chrome is longer lasting than Alfas and the grill eyebrows make me think it all should be stainless.

1680_3That trunk lid is in great shape, no evidence of accident damage. Nice chrome tail light bases and rusty bumpers reaffirm my theory that Carello has a better chroming process.

15cf_3These factory hardtops change hands for about $2000 whenever they come up, which is seldom. I think I would have separated the hardtop from the car in the auction.

Auction text: “Up for auction is a 1963 Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider. VIN AR375858. This car has been stored since 1982 and has a 1965 Sprint GT motor (#AR00502*15806*) It was running when parked, but will need to be rebuilt after this amount of time. As can be seen in the photos, this car is very complete, including even the removable steel hard top. There is rust in the floors and rockers. The trunk looks much better than the floor boards. This car can be viewed by appointment. This car is being sold as is without any warranty. The description above is being provided for the sole purpose of identification and does not imply any type of guarantee.”

228e_3Interior looks like it will clean right up and be presentable. Steering wheel has a crack at 10 o’clock.

2840_3It’s in this cars favor that the door jambs, dash and body are all the same color.

bovcnwqmkkgrhgoh-cwejllluz7qbjuiskvlfq_3I wonder if they have the correct Veloce airbox that mounts in the brackets seen here on the drivers side inner fender. Doesn’t look horrible in here, but it doesn’t look great either. I would plan on a headgasket minimum to get it on the road.


1e1c_3Oh, and we finally see the ‘something’ that keeps this car from being the perfect Spider 1600 project: rust. What you are looking at here is the seat pan, floor mount and rail through a hole in the floor. That trailing arn mount has to be solid for the car to be safe. I wonder if it is?

bovcciwkkgrhgoh-coejlllfz3lbjuiqpb0q_3This looks like salt air damage where the metal gets really crispy and a screwdriver will just push right through it. It is fixable though.

So you buy this thing for $5000, auction the hard top off for $2000 to help pay for the floor and sill replacement that is probably about $3500. Engine, brakes and what not set you back about $2500 to make this thing move safely and reliably under its own power. Where are you at that point? $7000 for a solid rustic looking Spider that needs paint and interior but runs pretty good and has solid floors. Not a great deal or a bad deal either, mainly good for the person who wants one of these but can only ever muster up about $5000 to get in the door.


3 thoughts on “Market 95: 1600 Spider project in Carlsbad

  1. If this car had rust repair done by competent and low overhead shop (Bill Gillham comes to mind) it would likely be a break even investment in five years.
    An OK deal for someone who wants a sustained, enjoyable classic Alfa experience.

  2. Dear Matt,
    This car linked me to visit Steuel and see the lengths of rust repair which seem to be again done in Europe for rusty Giulietta Sprints,. Could G’etta spiders be far behind or is he just moments ahead of the curve (rather than 5 years)?

    • I think rust repair is a succinct business in Europe with well defined deliverables etc where as here it’s a black art. We need to develop our ability to well repair rust as they have done. Yes Steuel does good rust repair work, but if it was really cost effective they wouldn’t be selling unrepaired cars,


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