Market 349: Driver Spider 370837

Giulietta Spider 10103*370837This car is available now from DriverSource in Texas.  It wears an aging red respray, has some loose ends to tidy and is said to run and drive well.  Ask is $34,900 -on the high side for a car with a dash this scruffy -but who knows…

Looks amazing here -but who wouldn’t with that backdrop.  Front rim is a Borrani, rear is a Fergat. 

Looks good here too.  Both these wheels are Fergats.  Trunk lid is a bit high on the right side.  Exhaust tip is turned down -to help with rich unburned fuel smell?

Shocking huh?  That dash looks really bad -the way a worn out cars dash would look.  Cracks in the steering wheel, rust on the gauges, no trim at the edge etc.

Seats look okay -like a kit was installed.  They always look a little baggy when it’s a kit.

Red gas cap?  Trunk mat looks like it was cut from classic rubber hallway runner material you can get from the hardware store.  Red over-spray and aerosol adhesive on original gray paint.  Loose ends.

Looks pretty solid under here.  Mechanicals look tired.

Engine might be the right one.  Carb is a Weber.  I like the plug wires.

Hello, my name is AR*370837*.

This looks like a car that had a pretty good repaint in red and the mechanicals made to function, some interior work done and then work stopped.  Repaint the dash and trunk, take care of some details and you;d have a pretty good car -maybe worth the asking.


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