Market 348: Older resto Spider 370548

Update 12/25/11: 33 bids resulted in a sale price of $30,101.

Update 12/20/11:  Oops, just added a link to the auction and Flickr photo set.

Giulietta Spider 10103*370548This car is on eBay right now out of Georgia.  Seller is a long time AROC member who restored the car in about 1990.  It is in good condition cosmetically and is a turn key driver.  No waiting for shops to get work done with this one -just fuel it up and cruise.

Red paint looks very good for being 20+ years old.  Bright-work is all very dazzling.  Rear view mirror is a late Sprint item.  Top looks a little wrinkly -like it’s not used to being up.  I certainly wouldn’t have it up ever -well, if I was parked outside in the rain…

Car wears 4 Fergats with matching patina.  Door shut line is excellent.  Looks to be a Lucas side mirror.

Back end looks as good as the front.

No problems in the boot.  Battery looks to be a green top Interstate.

Other than the missing air filter canister, this looks wonderful -well, not a fan of the blue plug wires either. 

“Thank you for your interest in this beautiful 1962 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spyder or Spider. I am listing this car for my good friend and long time Alfa Romeo Owner’s Club & Atlanta Chapter Alfa Owner’s club member and fellow Chapter Past President, W.L. Wagnon.

The car according to W.L. is a 1962 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spyder (late model Giulietta or “Cross Over” car) with its original 1300 cc dual overhead cam hemi engine, desireable 456 rear end and 1962 transmission with the addition of a 5th gear! This car was restored in 1990 including the following: Rocker panel replacement, Repainting, Engine Rebuilding, new Windshield and the original seat frames recovered.

W.L. Purchased the car in September 2007 and has invested over $8,500, mostly in mechanical work, including the following: Rear End Overhaul, New Koni Shocks, New Brake Lines, Wheel Cylinders, and Master Cylinder; Transmission Rebuilt with syncro’s and a 5th gear added along with new Transmission Mounts and a New Clutch Package; Radiator reconditioned with all new hoses including the heater hoses; all 5 wheels were professionally powder coated and new Verdestein 155 X 15″ tires installed in late 2010 along with all new carpeting, New Grill Bars, Pinninfarina Badges, etc.

The car runs strong and presents itself well but would need a new paint job and some details to be concours quality. This would be a great car for the Carolina Cup, California Mill, Copper State 1000, New England 1000 and other Vintage Rallys.

The floors are nice originals with a few welded in patches that are covered with carpet and sound insulating material. The car also has benefitted from a Bosch distributor with a mechanical advance, Bosch Blue Flame coil, Pertronics Electronic Ignition module and hotter 9.5 mm lift cams from a Giulia. I am not an expert on Giulietta’s or Giulia’s (although I have a Duetto) but I have seen the car and it runs and drives well and I would be proud to own it! The paint job is from an older restoration and has some scattered micro blistering that is especially noticable on the left front fender and to a lesser extent the left rear fender. Also, between the hood and windshield there is some paint blistering as well. I did my best to photograph these areas and also a couple of rust spots under the front valance; I believe these spots, however minor are the only rust spots on the car. The air filter is obviously a non stock ‘performance filter’ and W.L. Does not have the original filter canister.

If you have any questions, please call W.L. Wagnon (770) 276-0553 between 9:30 am and 10:00 pm Eastern Standard Time (7:00 pm Pacific Time). To protect the owner, there is a reasonable reserve on this car which will remain undesclosed until that amount has been revealed during the auction; please do not ask. Also the owner desires to let the auction run to completion. Please bid only if you are a serious buyer and have the funds to complete the transaction.

Reason for selling: W.L. Purchased another vintage Alfa at the Hilton Head Concours this fall.”

Positive ID AR 370548.  I don’t think that duct is original and some grommets and clamps are missing where it goes through the firewall.

Carpet looks well used but tidy, seats look to have supported some butts over the years.  Seat track knobs are in the right orientation.  All good!

I dropped my sunglasses and they went back here somewhere… looks good!

You could buy one of the many projects I’ve posted in the last 3 days and have it trailered home or buy this and drive it home.  I suppose it all depends on you and your relationship to your wallet.


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