Market 346: Spider project 750D 00140

Giulietta Spider 750D 1495*00140, 1315*40151 (missing, now 1315*011042).  This very early number 1956 Spider is available now from Classic Investments in Englewood Colorado.  No price is stated.

Nose is about average for a nearly stripped to a shell Spider.  Red over white over blue -how patriotic.  I wonder if that medium blue is the original?

Looks good from this side too.  Suspension is quite high.  Someone is going to jump on this car if it’s not over priced.

Some rust but not the usual. Trunk fit is excellent.

More evidence of being very solid.  Would be interesting to compare this to a late 750 SWB and see what details changed as manufacture proceeded.

Floors are very good.  More of that blue on the dash.  Note the early style seat mounting rails.  Passenger seat is fixed -no adjustment.

I think I’ve heard about that crescent shaped pressing below the vin on the firewall.  The whole firewall looks a bit different.

Vin looks to have been hand stamped.

Some numbers.  The other car they are selling -Market 342- has engine 40155.  Should probably go with this car.  Maybe buy both cars and make this one as good as possible..


This car is going to make some one very happy.


3 thoughts on “Market 346: Spider project 750D 00140

  1. “This car is going to make some one very happy.”
    More likely, it’s going to make someone a lot lighter in the wallet.
    While the 56 chassis is in reasonable shape for starting a project .. the Bondo in the nose leads me to believe there are more sins beneath that paint .. which was originally Red then Celeste then … etc… Seems each of the numerous owners added a poor coating of a different color over the years.
    I can supply a correct 56 engine rather than the 59 block which is being offered with this car.
    The tunnel case tranny is included here with the correct shifter .. something of a plus but there are many, many pieces and bits unaccounted for.
    The cut in the steering wheel renders it useless and makes one wonder .. how clear is any title or bill of sale for this project ??

    • I was thinking about the low vin number when I said it would make someone happy, since there’s a particular sort of old car guy who loves a low number…

      Light in the wallet -YES! Bondo over bondo -YES! but also better than a lot of project starts I see and more worthy.


    • Dear GTD,
      I bought this car!! And now it’s coming in Italy. I also have a Giulietta Sprint 1955 (VIN …857) that have raced Mille Miglia in to 2009 and 2010. I totaly restored my Giulietta Sprint. Please, do you have a correct engine 1956 for this car? I’m interested to it.

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