Market 345: Spider project 750D 03719

Update 12/20/11: 18 bids, $10,211, Sold!  Such a deal, one of the better I’ve seen.

Giulietta Spider 750D 1495*03719, 1315*43479.  This car is on eBay right now out of Conklin, NY.  It’s the most apart of the Spiders I’ve posted the last few days, but it looks to be the most solid and straight-forward of the lot to build.  The reason it is so apart is it was underwater during a flood in 2006.  Seller is very forthwith about this and the condition of each assembly and how it has been affected.

Body looks very good as a place to start.  Wheels are Borrani’s.  I always wondered what happened when classic cars got flooded.

Wow, the rear end looks really good.  Car wears matching wheels.  Anticipate some light rust repairs, but nothing horrible.

Must have been a lot of work to get it this apart all at once to keep the rust from setting in.


This is usually the worst area for rust in these cars.

I wonder if water could get int he steering box or idler? 

Head looks big without the front cover on the engine.

Positive ID.

1315 43479

All numbered parts present!

All original parts present and labeled.

This might be the best Spider in kit form I’ve seen in a while.  Go for it.  I’d be tempted but I have Glas GT fever right now!


1 thought on “Market 345: Spider project 750D 03719

  1. Agree, this is a a great kit spider. Reminds me of a barn find 1957 750D I bought last summer. This will be a rewarding project for someone, and a wonderful driver after completion.
    By the way, enjoy the Glas, diversity never hurts.

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