Market 344: Spider Veloce project 750F 03409

Giulietta Spider Veloce 750F 1495*03409, 1315*30905 (missing, 40168 included):  This car is available from Beverly Hills Car Club for $29,500.  Car is in okay condition, being generally solid and attractive, but having a lot of questionable repairs in evidence, and in need of a lot of mechanical work.

Paint looks to have been competently applied.  Chrome parts need chrome.  Hood fits pretty good.  Not sure what the holes in the bumpers are all about.

Still looks alright.  More chrome needing replating.  Correct bumper I think.

Note the floor patch and paint applied over the door latch and alignment mechanisms.  Not the best.  Adjustment seat tracks are on the wrong side.

Lot’s of work to do here -but nothing horrible unless these repair patches in the floor were lap-welded over rusty metal.  Dash needs to be painted to body color.

I don’t see evidence of patching here, so maybe the car wasn’t very rusty to start.

Engine compartment should be body color.  Interesting mix of components represented here.  Early Spider Normale engine, 101 Veloce intake, hopefully a 750 Normale head with a Veloce fuel pump block-off and some Marelli electronics.  Not sure about the distributor.

Give me another F.  “F”.


Another really early Spider block in a Veloce.  1315 40168.

Another Veloce block gone missing.

Is this car $14,000 worth of better than 05994?  Probably, but is 05994 worth nearly $16,000?  Ummm, er, possibly.  I think the problem is not the value spread so much as from a perception stand point, what amounts to $30,000 is a lot of money, whereas $15,000 isn’t.


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