Market 343: Spider Veloce project 750F 05994

Update 12/20/11:  Reserve not met.  It’s a Veloce.  It’s rough.  It’s a Veloce.  It’s incomplete.  It’s a Veloce.  It’s…

Giulietta Spider Veloce 750F 1495*05994, 1315*32354 (missing). This car is on eBay right now from Wholesale California in Costa Mesa.  It spent the better part of it’s existence in a field in Washington and it shows.  Lots to fix, but it is a 750 Veloce!  Original engine is missing, but a blank block is included, not sure if it’s a 750 or 101.  Car is listed on their site for $15,900.

Just looks overly scruffy in this view.  Trim is all pretty decent when you consider the elements.

The rust visible here is just the tip of the iceberg, but it can be fixed.  Door fit is great!  Spare from a ?

Bumper doesn’t show much in the way of dents.  Not too bad back here really…

The dash and front floors are better than expected.  This steering wheel is pretty desirable now.  Rear view mirror is larger than usual?

Some work this.  I hear Lionel Velez is making Spider sheetmetal these days.  Shame the seat tracks need replacing -difficult to find part!

O’ engine 32354, where art thou?  Some good bits hanging around in here.

Give me an F.  “F”.  Original hose-clamp too.

Hello, my name is…

It’s a project.  It’s a Veloce.  It’s a good original color.  It’s in Southern California.  It’s not stupid money.  It might be the project for you, intrepid traveler.


3 thoughts on “Market 343: Spider Veloce project 750F 05994

  1. Indeed, He has been fabricating metal pieces for these cars I have seen some of his work. apparently, Lionel has been picking up a number off these big restoration projects. He have a very good panel beater working with him these days. I am surprised that he have not gone after this car yet. Last time I check with him he had 22 Alfas mostly Sprints and Spider veloces and a couple of SS’s

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