Market 342: Spider project 750D 02532

Update 12/17/11: Auction was ended because the vehicle is no longer available.

Giulietta Spider 750D 1495*02532, 1315*40155.  This car is on eBay right now, offered by Classic Investments out of Englewood Colorado.  Engine number 155 is pretty low for a mid-run 750D, and no build plate is present, so there is a pretty good chance it’s not original to the car.  On the good side the engine has been rebuilt at a claimed $10,000+ expense -seems a little high in my experience.  Whatever the case, this is a pretty decent start to a Spider project.

Yep -a Spider in need of a lot of help.  I see filler at the bottom grill opening -expect more.    Grill bars, headlight buckets and marker lights are present.

I see rust in the rocker.  Tires are probably older than me.

Borrani’s over here.  I wonder if the trunk lid is the original one?

Trunk fit’s pretty good -too bad it’s such a PITA to repair this edge rust.  Based on the red engine compartment in the next picture, I’m going to guess the trunk lid is original.

Many hard to get bits are present in here.  Engine is probably loosely assembled to the car.  Looks like a Lucas distributor and a home-made veloce fuel pump block-off plate.

The Vin.

The engine number.  On my register, cars with near vins to this one have engines in the 42200 range.  They also have Spider #140 on their website for sale and it originally had engine 40151.  This might be a better match to that car.

From what can be told, it’s not horribly rusty or anything.  There is definitely some rust in the rockers and the trunk though.


Floors look good unless you’re one of those ‘it has to be absolutely rust free’ guys.  I do see some through rust in the passenger floor corner there though.  Fun.

There have been a lot of Spider projects on eBay lately, heck there are three on there right now.  I expect none will make significant money.  Might be a good time to buy if you’re in the market.


2 thoughts on “Market 342: Spider project 750D 02532

  1. Hi there, I am just wondering how you distinguish Borrani from Fergat wheels. Is there any preference for the one or the other and if yes, why? Thank you, Juerg

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