Glas GT project: Cleaning parts and Making plans

I mentioned that I brought home a few parts last week when I did the deal.  The last few days at the shop after closing time I’ve been cleaning them up.  It’s frustrating to not have the whole car to mess with, but it’s also liberating since I can focus on the handful of parts I do have to mess with.  Cars are assembled from a finite number of parts and every part that gets cleaned, prepped and packaged for later assembly to the car is a step closer to the car being on the road.

The first round of cleaning included what you see here: the fuel pump, a wheel cylinder, the starter spacer and the combination oil pressure send unit/cam locating plate (maybe?).  I’m going to plate the screws and reassemble the pump tomorrow.

Here’s the fuel pump before it came very much apart.  An interesting double pump set-up.  Actuating rod was frozen, pivot assemblies were frozen and the grease was like tar.  Fun to take a mechanism like this apart for the first time.  How does it come apart?  Tricky… especially the diaphragms.

Here’s the upper part of the head that houses the cam.  This is separate from the head.  Shims placed between this and the head are used to tension the timing belt.  I’ll do a full exploratory write-up when I put it back together. Cam is now out and the head is on the pile to be delivered to a machine shop for a quick bath, skim and valve job.

This is the starter for the Glas -looks like an Alfa starter except it’s 6 volt.

Pretty clean inside.  This will get cleaned up, lubricated, the fasteners plated, some parts painted and the unit reassembled tomorrow.

Here’s the cute little water-pump.  It’s not frozen, but doesn’t turn either.  Needs a new seal and bearing.  I’ll buy them an rebuild it.  First job is to clean it and take it apart.

Sorry about the dark photo.  Here it is being pressed apart.  Took two rounds of heat and pressing for it to pop apart, but now it’s ready for thorough cleaning and reassembly once the parts show up.

Doesn’t seem like much but it’s a start.  Other progress?  I joined the Glas club.  I found an inexpensive parts car.  I made several acquaintances of fellow Glas owners and I made a plan for the engine rebuild. I figure I will do the minimum to get it on the road and use it for a while.  What’s the minimum?  My current list is:

  • Head Gasket
  • Engine seals
  • Timing belt
  • Rings
  • Water pump seal
  • flexible brake lines
  • brake and clutch hydraulic cylinder seals
  • tires
  • various cables and hoses

I still have to inspect the lower end of the engine, so some bearings may get added, but I’m crossing my fingers this will not be the case since they are expensive.  I hope to get the engine in the next week to begin inspections.  Up next, more of the same.

Check this guys project out: BMW 1600 GT.



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