Market 340: Sprint set up for racing

Update 12/14/11: 34 bids were placed, but the car failed to sell for $15,000.  Rightfully so.  Makes me wonder about where the best place to market this car is.

Giulietta Sprint 10102 1493*24148.  Out of Southport CT comes this Sprint racer via eBay.  It has been listed a few times before but I don’t remember how much it got to without selling.  Car looks to have been imported from Italy.  This kind of set up seems like it should command some sort of premium, but with tastes seeming to favor restorations or originality these days, this will probably sell for less than you’d imagine.

Cool stuff.  Body and paint do look very nice.  Looks like a street car with stickers and driving lights -speaking of which the left driving light is set up to make a pool of light a few feet in front of the car -needs adjustment.

You don’t see this style license plate mounting very often.  I wonder if it will look this good in personTrunk and door fit are good.

“The Classic Car Gallery is proud to offer this gorgeous 1960 ALFA ROMEO GUILEITTA SPRINT 1300. The car has been set up for vintage racing, and is currently registered on the street. She spent most of her life in Europe, and carries FIA PAPERS, which show her ownership history from new. In addition she carries a copy of he original Automobile Club d’Italia/ The body is incredibly straight, and the red paint is good. All of the exterior trim and bright work is correct and in wonderful condition. We have been around the car with a paint meter, and there was very little filler used throughout. The interior is excellent, with 2 correct leather sport seats, a roll bar, and red carpets in great condition.  She has a full roll cage, hard points for racing harnesses, deleted bumpers, tow hook, emergency electric cut-off and is eligible for almost any vintage race or rally. The engine is the venerable 1290cc 4-cylinder Alfa motor, built to a high power level. She has been set up like a VELOCE, with racing cams, DUAL WEBER CARBURETTORS, a 5-SPEED TRANSMISSION, and a heavy duty rear end.  She is very well sorted, puts out good power, runs cool, smokes little, and leaks less than she should. The underside is excellent, as is the exhaust system. The car has 4-wheel finned Aluminum drum brakes, the linings are new, and the car stops with authority. The 5-speed transmission shifts well, the clutch is new, and the rear differential was just rebuilt. The correct wheels are shod with PIRELLI radial tires. The car is a blast to drive!!! She corners like she’s on rails, and the rebuilt suspension offers great feedback and control. Bid with confidence, as this ALFA ROMEO is ready for street or track!!!”


Seller describes these buckets as ‘correct’.   Correct for what?  Rear view looks like a later unit as used on SS’s and the late Sprints.  Dash looks great.  Not sure about those black carpet runners -I have to assume they are to protect the red carpet underneath.

Engine compartment is tidy and purposeful.  Build plates look like repro’s to me.

If I was in the market for a Sprint for rally, touring and such, I’d give this car some serious consideration.  A set of bumpers, maybe some original Sprint seats and removal of most of the stickers would yield a fine street car.


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