Nature abhors a vacuum they say… I bought a Glas 1700 GT!

Preamble:  I, Matt, in order to keep hands from idle pursuits, to keep wallet light, to keep the wife up on her eye rolling exercises and to stay basically entertained, bought one cheap and rough looking (and truly rough in fact) Glas 1700GT.  All you really need take away is:  cheap, rough, crazy.

Okay, so I spent my day in Sacramento buying, paying for, inventorying and pulling the brake parts off of a 1966? Glas GT.  Norm bought it sight unseen off Craigslist a few years ago and it’s languished in the corner of his garage out of sight -mainly due to being more unsightly than he expected.

Proof that Alfa’s aren’t the only cars to literally suffer from the good intentions of their owners.  Yellowy-green is a primer of sorts circa 1990, brownish rough looking stuff is iron oxide, red is paint applied prior to 1979 and the stray glimmer of white on the nose is the original color.  All-in-all, sad looking but solid and straight.

I know -you want a history lesson.  The engine is a Glas designed 1700cc, overhead cam driven via a timing belt -a historic first of type for you trivia buffs, a 4 speed manual gearbox, Ate disk brakes up front, drums out back dot dot dot.  Body is by Frua, an Italian coach builder famous for a lot of somewhat interesting cars like the Maserati A6G etc.  Styling is reminiscent of the ASA 1000GT and Fiat Ghia 1500, so much so, that I expect they were all the product of the same designers hand.

From the back we see some damage on the passenger side -repaired with fiber glass and not very well.  Black plate is useable as there is a pile of old registration cards.  Fuel tank doesn’t smell too bad, I might just run with it as-is.

Drivers door was kicked by a mule.  The rims are 5×112, 6J14’s.  Common to not much and I need some as I only get 2 original rims with it.  If you saw it in person you’d say it looked a bit like a squared-off Porsche 911.

Judging by the interior, this was a pretty good car before good intentions intervened.  Glas GT has a great looking gauge layout.


Very clean under the dash.  No wires out of place -err, except that one.  Heater box looks new.

Fuel is delivered by a pair of single throttle-body Solex carbs with a remote float bowl and dual fuel pump set-up.  This is a 1300 I have the option of using.  Norms GT is in the background.

Overhead cam, finned alloy sump, and a timing belt. 

Cool cast header.

The sad 1700.  Head is loose.  Bolted in place, but needing to come out.

Not horrible, not great.  I’ll be buying rings at least.

So what am I going to do?  Rebuild the brakes and clutch, either put the 1300 in or reassemble the 1700 and then get it on the road.  Bodywork and paint is not a big deal to ignore and you can’t see it while driving.  What do I need?  A set of steel wheels and a bunch of rebuild parts.  What could possibly go wrong??

Anyone have any parts?


10 thoughts on “Nature abhors a vacuum they say… I bought a Glas 1700 GT!

  1. Trying to find a source for parts, that could be the hard part. Is there a Glas Club? You are blessed that all that is missing is a couple of rims. A trip down to your favorite All American tire store can get you a nice set of spinners! :P

    • Thanks Jose, I’m in contact with them already.

      Do you have any extra rims? I like the originals steels with the cutouts.


  2. Congratulations on your purchase and good luck with your project. I got a missing rim for my BMW 1600 GT, the successor to the Glas 1300/1700GT by placing an ad on the Glas club website. The Glas rims have a different bolt pattern than the BMW rims though. Axel Coelln ( is the US rep of the Glas club and can help you with becoming a member. Strongly recommended, just for having access to the NLA parts alone it’s worth it.

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