Market 339: Leafy Spider on eBay

Update 1/3/12: I have it on pretty good word that the car sold for $5500.

Update 12/14/11: Auction was pulled.  An off eBay deal?

Update 12/5/11: Giulia Spider Veloce 10118*390672.  She’s a Veloce!

Kip sent me a link to this Spider on eBay when it was first posted with the caption ‘car in a barn, without the barn’.  Pretty good description.  Car has a Pininfarina hard top guaranteeing it will sell for at least $1500.  Even the optimistic optimist in me thinks this is a parts car.

You can bet the left side of this car is REALLY rusty.  Looks like a reasonable car that got left for some reason and expired while waiting for it’s masters return.  What am I saying, buy this, fix it, run it.  Vroom!

Was there Bourbon involved?  Grand theft auto?  A murder mystery for sure -but no humans died.  Sad.  If it was in Oakland I’d be a contender…

That rocker stopped putting on pretenses about being a rocker sometime in the late 1980’s.  Hey -an original hardtop!

Slight rust in drivers corner of trunk.  Would be funny to hook up a battery and see what works.

Really odd how ghostly.  Would be funny if there was a McDonald’s bag with an undecomposed (composed?) cheeseburger in it.  (You’ve all heard the story right??)

The pulse quickens, the blood boils, the rust pauses, looks up, shrugs and goes back to eating.  A Veloce??  Definitely a 101 1600 engine…

If it’s a 1600 Veloce, it may actually be worth the hassle of saving this guy.  I need to make an ‘unpreserved’ category.


7 thoughts on “Market 339: Leafy Spider on eBay

  1. Factory hardtop…now that is worth saving! Looks to be a 1600 Veloce engine and the only way to truly know is to find out the serial number. With the value of all 750-101 cars going up and the scarcity of 1600 Veloce Spiders this would be a good candidate for restoration should someone want to put the money into the metal work.

  2. “Hasn’t been driven in years” is right! Those appear to be 1971 Maryland plates.

    BTW, those swirly lines on the body are snail tracks – they looove moss.

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