Market 336: Spider 1600 Veloce project

Update 12/3/11: Auction was ended early, car is no longer available.

Giulia Spider Veloce 1600 AR390369, 00121*01965.  This car is on eBay right now at $9500 with 5 days to go and perfectly represents the opposite end of the spectrum from Market 335’s nicely restored Spider Veloce 1600 AR390532 that is $68,500 and listed as ‘sale pending’.  Seller says it’s numbers matching and complete but in need of much metal work.

Am I the only one that looks at a car in this condition and has a hard time accounting for the degradation?  ‘I have a great idea’, says weekend warrior shade tree mechanic who fancies himself a restorer, either blind to, or imagining himself capable of seeing the very complex process through for 1000+ hours and at an expense of $60,000 over two or three years.  Taking it apart is easy…

Both front wheels are Borrani.  Door fit is pretty good.  Front end trim is useable as is for a driver.

Euro tail lights.  Maryland plate, saggy fiberglass hardtop. 

Bumper looks pretty good.  1 mismatched wheel.  Hopefully the missing Borrani is included.

Originally white, now cheap red peeling off bare metal.

Under the bondo. 

You know you want it.  Heck -you could have it on the road by Spring.

Between this and Market 335, I’d say the restored car represents the bargain.  Say you get this for the current $9500.  Throw $30K at the body and paint.  Throw $20K at the mechanical bits to make everything work and look good.  Maybe you can get away with $5K for trim and interior.  There’s shipping, time hunting parts, lost opportunity for driving etc.  A project is satisfying though, and that’s worth something.  It’s all up to you though.


2 thoughts on “Market 336: Spider 1600 Veloce project

  1. Decades ago… my best friend then told me that restoring cars was much like going to therapy (!) but that you also wound up with something to use and be proud of in the end! And he did it many times untill his untimely death. So…get on it! He did one of these, a disc brake 101 with 1750 GTV power. Along with an Aston, Ferraris, 2600, Rolls-Royce Phantom, etc.

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