Market 334: Giuliettas exclusive 101 Sprint project in CA

Update 11/26/11: I got some more pictures from the seller.  The trunk rust situation is worse than I expected -not horrible -just needing attention.  Still, it could be a good deal for the money.  Throw them an offer -it may stick.

This could be patched, but replacement would be cleaner.  Not the biggest job in the world and not really a sign that the rest of the car is rusty.  My Sprint had it’s trunk floor replaced and you’d be hard pressed to find rust anywhere else on it.

Update 11/12/11: Seller has received some interest but it’s still available.  $13,000 obo?

Giulietta Sprint 10105*21453.  This car is available right now out of Southern California for $14,000 obo.  It is fairly original, with blue paint over original white and  original drivetrain.  Interior is decent but the seats are not original.  There is a tiny bit of rust in the trunk battery corner and in the corner of the rear windshield, but nothing unusual or terminal.  If you’re in California and looking for a very good car to fix up as a driver project -this is your car.

A better shade of blue than the preceding SS.  Car looks straight and solid here -you may get away with a quick respray of the nose and tail.  I’d make it mechanically sound and drive it as is.

Trim looks good -not great but serviceable if you just want to drive a Sprint.

Nice looking shape from this angle, in this light and at this DPI.  I want it just to look at.

Assume some patches in the trunk floor will be required, but not a full replacement. This could just be bad prep coming though.

Looks like your typical half-baked by sun Southern California car.  Window trim is present and the trunk fits good.

Paint is checked and prep wasn’t as good as it could have been leading to this surface rust coming through.

Wiper blade is a little long for the application.  Hood is ajar.  Window surround trim is good all around.

Work to do but it doesn’t look too bad.  Mirror is not original, neither is seat.

Spider seats maybe?  Original carpet is pretty far gone -almost mummified.  Door panel looks original.

Tidy up required.

Looks like your typical Sprint engine compartment circa 1988.  Turns over by hand, a little fiddling and it should run.  Will probably require rebuilding in the long term.

Positive ID.

Alright you California Giulietta enjoyers -a Sprint in your backyard, in good shape and ready for a rebuild at a decent priceAre you going to let this head off to Germany or is one of you going to step up and keep this local?  Email me at sprints @ giuliettas . com and I’ll put you in contact with the seller.


3 thoughts on “Market 334: Giuliettas exclusive 101 Sprint project in CA

    • I was referring to how you used to find these in ‘untouched’ rough but complete condition in the 1980’s. Now they seem to all have been monkeyed with to varied result.


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