Market 331: Project Spider 750D 03930

Update 11/20/11: Car actually did sell for $6500 and is headed for a new life in Germany.  Thanks for the update Richard!

Update 11/19/11: Car failed to sell.  I don’t know how much of an appetite there is for Giulietta projects in he world, but if what I’ve tracked is any indication, there are a lot of them in the works right now.

10/26/11: Giulietta Spider 750D 1495*03930, 1315*43426.  This car is on eBay right now out of Novi Michigan from a seller that seems to regularly offer Alfa’s.  Condition is rough, as you see, but I’ve seen projects start with a lot worse and it does come with quite a few parts still attached and the right engine.  $7500 Buy it Now or Make offer is the asking.

Seller claims the body is nearly rust free, but everyone’s opinion of what that means is a little different so ask questions, examine the pictures and if possible, go have a look.  Door fits very well and the nose shape looks original.  Windshield is said to be uncracked.

I’ve seen decent cars with through rust around the trunk seam -this looks okay.  It takes a lot of parts for the car to stand on it’s own for wheels.  Tail lights are not pictured but are included.

Not sure what to make of this, but the magnet test may be in order.  Seller says lead is used as a filler.  Will lead sit over rust?  That little deal pinned to the body is the backing for the trim strip.

Inner rockers look pretty good.  No white primer under here.

Floors look good.  Steering wheel can be fixed.  Edge trim on dash is a hard to find bit.

It’s like looking up a tall mountain from the base.  Do I really want to climb?  The air soon gets rare and the pack heavy.  It can be done and the view from up there can’t be beat, but it’s a long haul.

The usual positive ID.

A 750 series Spider block.  Putting the engine together is fun.

It could be you!  All of this could be yours.  A new life awaits you!  You know you want it.  Just do it!  You only live once.  You get the picture…


4 thoughts on “Market 331: Project Spider 750D 03930

  1. This car is a rust Bonanza. When rust on the rockers appears as they do on this car – the inner support seals are going to be worst. Trunk floor and cock pit floor will need replacement. Missing most of the important parts; trim, trim, trim….. Total restoration cost for this car will exceed the finish product value. Seller make it sounds easy, but easy it is not. I recently sold a complete 58 veloce in better condition than this and the amount of work currently being done by current owner was more than expected considering he knows this cars very well.


    • Hallo

      I am interesting in these cars, could you send me your direct contact to ask more informations?

      Thank you
      Roberto pavia

      • Roberto,

        The car is sold. Is/was not mine. Just reporting on the sale of Giulietta’s on the internet.


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